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    Hi ! I’ve broken the bigger message into smaller and more specific tips for specific games.

    For Warhammer.

    //// For Earlygame –


    When starting out your main focus should be to conquer Reikland as a whole in five turns. Yes this means you ignore the first quest you get and go straight for the other provinces so you have them by turn 5. Make sure to recruit after moving. For the early battles it is very important to not lose your starting units!

    Once you secured Reikland you should defend the rebellion, that is gonna break out (be in position at your capital immediatly) and then crush any hostily army (e.g. orcs) in your area. Afterwards you go do the quest and then should be able to take marinland. Try to stay clear of the north and expand south, when the opportunity arrises or another faction from there declares war on you. Be sure to only fight one war at a time. Things change, when chaos shows up for the first time.


    Early Game Diplomacy is relatively simple:
    Do not get into any form of alliances.
    Try to stay clear of unwanted trouble in the north/from other empire factions.
    Get as many trade agreements as you can.
    Get non-aggression pacts with the north & other empire factions + some.
    Try to keep the south neutral, so you can invade there until chaos shows up.
    Buildings and Settlements

    You want to get the following layout and every city:

    1.Income Building
    2.Main Building with Walls
    3.Flex Spot or the other buildings like legendary or special buildings for special some settlements

    You want to get the following buildings in every province:

    As Many Income Buildings as possible
    Unique Buildings to those towns
    1-2 Public Order Buldings, depending on how it goes
    If it is a border region or a region close to the sea in the north you want to get walls.
    1 Recruitment Building at base level
    optional 1 growth building on base level.

    Income is the most important factor in TW:WH! The more money you get, the more armies you can field, the more area you can protect and the more income you get from those new areas.
    The Flex Spot can be any of those buildings not mentioned under the first point, but in the second one. So a shrine of sigmar can be build in a normal town as well, if that fits your building plan more.

    Walls are especially important as they require your opponent to bring stronger armies and they also increase your garrison. That means that lone raiding armies do not get too much done, as opposition is stronger and small armies often times do not even break your garrison. Improved Walls also add a decent amount of units in defensive scenarios and require the opponent to build more Siege Equipment. Once you secure a region from all sides and have at least 2-3 cities between these cities and your opponent, you can raze those walls and make room for something else you’d like, but do this with care, as rebuilding is time intensive and expensive.

    3.Army Composition and Size

    You want to go up to a full stack by the turn 5 and start building up a second one right after. Leave 8 slots open across both armies to fill them with crossbowmen later, so by the time you march on marinland you have about 2 full stacks.

    Dispand Gunmen and Helbardiers, as they do not provide huge benefits in comparison with swordsmen and Crossbowmen in the early game as you do not face Huge Units or many armored once and the additional range on crossbows is huge.

    Do not lose your reikguards… like ever! They constantly walk out of fights with 200+ kills in the early game! Keep charging and moving and charging and moving to destroy moral and get the bonus damage of charges continuoesly.

    Focus on Swordsmen + Crossbowmen as much as possible.

    Optionally you can bring your first 2 agents with your army into battle to get some XP.
    You should have 4 full stacks of army, once chaos shows up at turn ~50.

    Lords from early to late game

    Route Marcher for everyone asap.

    For your Army leading Lords go into Honest Steel + Pistolkorps + (Franz’ Deathclaw) + Minus Corruption + Combat skills (Health, Armor, Foe Seeker, Defense, Onslaught). Pick up Sigmar’s Wand if you want to and definitely go for the unique skill for Fraz “Leader of Men”.
    You also Want to go for 1-2 “Recruitment/Public Order” Lords. Those are there to maintain public order, while the main army is out and about. But as Empire Captains can do that better, I prefer to only have one, fully speced into public order, lower corruption etc. and – recruitment costs plus more skills along this line to build up new armies for my army leading lords.
    Try to keep the number of redundant lords to a minimum. They will only steal XP from other lords by killing armies that the other one should have killed and you will have a lot of lower leveled lords than you should have. Also they cost A LOT of money. Be sure to replace their army asap and disband temporary lords immediately.
    All your Lords should have full armies all the time, except your recruitment/Public Order Lord.

    Early Game you want to recruit every agent you can asap and level them up as quickly as possible.
    Assasinations, sabotages and all things like those give a good chunk of XP.
    When they are on the move, but do not quite reach their destination do not forget to deploy them.
    Equip them well.
    The first 3-4 agents should all be skilled in assasination, as they become very important in the mid game.

    ////////// For Midgame

    After you secured the reiklands, Marinburg and some of the southern territories chaos will start to show up. Be prepared with ~4 Stacks and quickly destroy your opposition in the south while getting non-aggression pacts with your remaining southern opposition. Let the northern empire states die as you do not have any alliances with them anyways and they buy you the time to get your defenses up.

    Your gameplan up until turn ~150 is to hold of the first wave of chaos with next to no losses (if you do lose some cities etc. it’s fine but slows you down) along the southern side of the river. There are not many attack paths for chaos to take and you can block them at all the crossings with at least one of your armies. Try to jump on small armies but stay alert of more troops. Expand by confederating the remaining eastern empire factions one by one and once you amass enough army and income claim some of the northern settlements. This is by far the most difficult part of the campaign as you need to stretch yourself a bit thin while spending your money in new settlements that previously got razed which will make them take very long to be profitable again. Try to use your agents as described below and expand rather slowly, instead of overextending. Once Chaos is defeated we will go to the late game.


    Once chaos shows up everyone wants to be your friend (well maybe except the greenskins). Even the vampires had +180 relations with me ;). This means that you do want to take non aggression pacts where you can (pretty much with everyone except chaos factions) and start forming the world as it will be after chaos is dealt with. Your alliances will most likely persist and this means that their wars will be yours, but your wars will be theirs. Try to ally with the dwarfs and left over southern factions (humans) and be prepared to go to war with everyone else pretty much 5 turns, after chaos is dealt with. Once greenskins and vampires are dealt with you will most likely need to go to war with whatever is left, if you want to get the whole map. Sometimes you can finish the campaign without doing that though. Be prepared for those wars and get your walls up, armies in positions and income up as high, as you can. A lot of your allies will have ongoing wars, from before you alliance and your new alliance will not cause you to go to wars with their foes. This is really useful and you should keep your distance for as long as you can to focus on chaos. Be prepared to join in, once chaos gets defeated. You can also request payments from almost all factions regularly for FREE! Because you fight chaos so much they will provide you with bonus income so take that as often as you can. After chaos is defeated, they won’t give you a dime though.

    2.Buildings and Settlements

    By the time Chaos shows up you should have maxed out income buildings in most of your cities, walls to keep them safe and enough armies to secure the border. Now it is time to tech up to greatswords, reikguards and helbardiers. You should also get your temples up to fight the +1 corruption early, before the +2 comes in. Be prepared to build additional public order buildings where needed and expand very slowly. Rather safe than sorry!

    If you colonize a formerly razed town make sure you have around 2500 gold to build the main building immediately. If your army sticks around you might want to delay walls, but you want to get them eventually. Even reikland is not safe 250 turns in so keep that in mind! You will also need a public order building rather sooner than later and go for income asap. The difficulty here is to judge the situation correctly: If you think you are safe and leave before walls are up and your army is gone then you either made the right choice and get rewarded with a decent income or you get punished hard by other armies razing your settlements and poof goes your money of the last 5 turns. Again. Be patient.

    Do not forget unique buildings and plan for them!

    3.Army Composition and Size

    Once you can afford reikguards, greatswords and helbardiers and still have a decent income try to incooperate them one by one in your army. Replace some lower quality troops, but do not run around with an army full of super expensive units (except your main army with franz MAYBE). You will lose tons of money trying to chase armies around turn by turn.

    The rule here is to replace units slowly but keep your income as high as you can while doing that. If you could upgrade half your army or get a new one… get a new one! As your empire expands you will have more income, but you will also need more armies to defend everywhere. Try to have different armies for different regions and defenses, don’t stack every army and go on a doommarch, while your home regions get razed. Play smartly and carefully!

    Once you end the mid game and defeat chaos you should have around 7-8 stacks with about 1/2 or 1/3 high quality units.


    After you spent the early game leveling up your agents and recruiting as many as you can be prepared to burn a lot of money every turn. You need to kill all enemy agents asap! This means you assassinate every single one of them as many times as you can (split your agents on their agents though, because after a failed attack they get a denfense bonus!). You should be able to kill them of eventually which leads us to the new function of agents in the mid and late game: Scouting!

    This is a term from Starcraft and basically means that you want to find out what your opponent is doing and going to do. Keep your agents around the map in advanced positions, as deep in enemy territory as is reasonable and try to spot moving armies. Construct a vision ring 1-2 lands in front of you and track their movement. This will allow you to position your armies accordingly and almost always force a fight and prevent the enemy army from simply walking by and starting to raid. Go out to meet them, when you’ve confirmed, that it’s alone.

    After you defended against the first 2 waves of chaos agents you should have 3-4 agents at a pretty high level, mostly even or higher than your opponents’. These will be your assassination agents, keep track of them, send them to every enemy agent you find and start trying to kill them every turn as soon as you can without leaving your scouting positions too much.
    Besides that you want more utility agents:

    Empire Captains are very good at maintaining public order which can be healthy for your new provinces, so try to keep them around but do not shy to send them back in case you need them way behind your front for more public order. Equip and spec them into public order and +XP gain to slowly level up your army, start doing this sooner rather than later and you can get maxed troops in a reasonable amount of time for late game.
    Witch Hunter are your killing machines on the campaign map, as well as in battle go for those skills and equip them accordingly.
    Warrior Priests are extremely underrated in my opinion. Specced the right way, they can heal up a more death than alive army in 2-3 turns and give you huge tempo advantages. You are way more flexible and need fewer armies to cover the same amount of ground and defense because your armies can fight more. This also means, that your generals will get more XP and be better as well. All around amazing hero. Try to keep one around for every 2-3 armies at a front. So about 2-3 seem very good.
    Combat Priests are the ones, that I definitely ignored the most. No real reason, I just never came around to them and as magic is weaker on higher unit sizes and I autoresolved for the most part I never really got to know them. As I will manually fight all my battles in the upcoming campaign tho, I might add more stuff in here later.

    Plan your buildings and provinces accordingly and do not go overboard with those heroes. Especially Warrior Priests can be incredibly effective at low level.
    Make sure to specc into -Corruption for BOTH your lords & your agents.

    //// Lategame


    Once Chaos is defeated you will get attacked by most factions hostile to the empire that are still left over. Primarily Vampires and/or Greenskins. Your established alliances should hold though and you should be able to defend or even advance against them with half your army. The other half should start securing most of the north and holding it. Keep one army up there in raiding stance razing settlements (you can reinforce on see + a warrior priest is AMAZING in this raiding/razing force) while you have one army around marinburg vs. invading northmen from the sea, as well as 2-3 armies up north to defend sea and land attacks and stop their armies from going down to your middle provinces. Be very careful with your expansions, don’t risk rebellions or leave exposed towns open, without securing them first. There is no rush to win at this point. Normally you should have victory regardless. It is about establishing an economy too powerful for anybody else to deal with so focus on that. Once you exterminate all chaos factions you should be ready to wipe out the other factions and face the biggest remaining faction for the final showdown. Your economy should be obsertlystrong though so they should not pose much of a threat to you. Keep advancing slowly and upgrade your army to it’s ultimate form. gg!


    After you wipe out chaos, the factions that did not like you will turn on you and after you killed them the remaining factions will, too. Be prepared and in position once this happens. Trade becomes nearly useless, so do not upgrade your trade buildings any more. Do Not forget to use war targets and control the expansions of your soon-to-be opponents a bit. Not much to be said here, time for war!

    3.Buildings and Settlements

    Advance your defensive line to the coasts and the north as well as to the south. Your Home provinces should be relatively secured so raze walls and build something else, if you need to. Get an income Building in EVERY city you own and snowball your way to victory. Do not forget walls and slow expansion at the front, also get the reamining unique buildings and their required sub buildings. Try to get every tech ready for your final war. Your income should be upwards of 15k per round now or even higher. Use that to upgrade your other towns while chaos or another common enemy is still around. Then lower it to 5k by building quality stack of army after quality stack of army for many many doomstacks. If you want to get more warrior priest buildings so you get better reinforcement as well.

    4.Army Composition and Size

    Go for the same unit composition as the midgame, as this should carry you against the remaining chaos factions anway. Try to invest your huge income into even more income producing buildings and expansions at this point. Your armies should be strong enough to take on any army of your opponents. Once you fight the rest of chaos prepare very quality armies with tech-units against the left over races (e.g. armor piercing artillery and other units like that vs dwarfs etc.) your very high leveled generals should carry you, too. Make sure to check equipment and do any quests remaining. Composition will vary way to much at this point to give a guideline. It also highly depends on which faction you are fighting, so I think it’s best to go by your experience here.


    Try to use them for scouting and their specialized roles Get some more warrior priests before the last war begin for quick reinforcements and keep assassinating their agents with your 3-4 lvl 30 agents. Still advance slowly and with care so empire captains are still a good choice. Use your Other agents for scouting and map vision.

    These are my thoughts on how to play as the empire.

    Lets take the example of Vam[pire counts next….Yes !!! The early Gold mine access

    Starting income and the Gold Mine:

    Okay, look at Drakenhoff. You NEED to build the gold mine in that settlement. It will be the base foundation of your income for some time. Other than that, you might notice that the only other real income building you have is the Gibbet. This is where the magic comes into play: Check what your main settlements main building gives you. Yes, it gives you a hefty bonus to all income from the whole region, and half of that as an additional bonus to the income of all neighbouring regions. This is where your first income’s main bulk will come from. Later on in the campaign, you might consider tearing it down for a Vampiric Crypt or a Library.

    Additional Armies

    When it comes to armies; take it slow. Your initial income is limited, your army upkeep is going to be your bane until you’ve managed a stable strong economy. Stick to one army or two armies until you really need a second proper invansion force. Your army compositions are very special, and demands special attention which I will mention further down. Don’t even bother getting a third army before you’ve built up at least both Eastern and Western Sylvania. If you’re worried about being attacked, or playing on one of the harder difficulties, get a second army with only cheap Raise Dead units. The Upkeep cost is your initial greatest enemy.

    Attrition and Stance Dancing

    Your armies are going to take attrition damage as soon as you enter an area where the vampiric taint isn’t strong enough. While this damage isn’t that horrible for one or two turns, it’s going to annoy you in the long run. Use the Raid stance to remove the attrition damage. This is all well and good in the short run. Do note that you will have much less movement points and any battles started while in the stance will start with some rather annoying unit penalties. Also, be careful not to end your turn inside your own territory while in raid stance, you will recieve a VERY high public order penalty.
    Make sure to use your Channeling stance to alleviate this as much as possible. Channeling will both help you replenish forces quicker, and give you a small boost in availible spell points.

    Opening moves

    You have dwarves to the east, that will either be eaten up in a confederacy, or eaten up by one of the Greenskin tribes. You can leave them be for now, you have no decent way to stop them from recollonizing a razed Karak – for the moment any way. To the north you have humans that might even trade with you – for now. To the west and south you have other vampire factions. One that wants you dead, and one that wants to hide behind you. You should kill both the Templehoff and the Schwartzhafn eventually since there is no confederacy for vampires, and you need full regions to build the buildings required for a good enough supply of Dark Magic.

    Okay, now for some strategical advice. As for your neighbours. Don’t even bother with trade with your vampiric neighbours. Rather kill them off early, because the human factions will kill them off sooner or later any way. The first part of the game and first quest will naturally guide you to conquer Eastern Sylvania. Do that before you attack Castle Templehof.
    You need full regions to get an economy running, and if you start sieging Templehof before you’ve got a full region, you will be running dry soon. You might really want a second army of simple trash to chase away any of their harassing armies while you’re sieging, to not lose any of your cities in Eastern Sylvania again.
    After that it is up to you which direction to go. West and north will lead you straight into conflict with The Empire and the factions it will soon devour – not to mention Chaos when they start to corrupt their way down towards you.
    South gives you some other possibilites, if you want to fight the Border Princes instead and postpone a fight with the Empire itself. You are literally just picking what fight to postpone for now. I’ve found it easier to start off killing going west and north-west for starters. Killing off soon-to-be empire factions before they consolidate into the Empire. I usually ignore Ostermark for now, because they don’t usually provoke you, and they work as a buffer for when Chaos comes.

    Vampiric Corruption:

    You need to build the Balefire-chain buildings in every region. The question is not if, it is when. In Eastern Sylvania, don’t one in Drakenhof, and you’ll thank me later. You won’t notice it at first, but you will run into a wall unless you start thinking about vampiric corruption early. The only two ways for you to manage it is by either building a high level Balefire to spread corruption to neighbouring regions. Or park heroes there temporarily.

    The Necromancer isn’t BAD

    Look at your necromancers, both Lord and Hero. He has three to four particular abilities that makes him a super powerful support unit.
    To get the most out of him, initially, get Master of the Dead and Curse of Undeath quickly.
    Master of the Dead is simply a healing aura for undead. Curse of Undeath is a passive ability that triggers every time your necromancer uses any spell. It heals and resurrects units every time he uses Any spell. Including and Especially Incantation of Nehek. Use those 3 abilites in tandem to AoE heal large amounts of hitpoints. Slap on a Danse Macabre straight after to heal even more and push the enemies back!

    Cause Fear and Cause Terror

    Cause Fear and Cause Terror are some really nifty abilities you’ll have great use of while fighting especially humans and orcs. They will heavily impact their morality, and you might cause some early routs. Cause Fear is like a general blanket feature for your armies, while Cause Terror is more like a scalpel that simply cuts away another chunk of Leadership when you charge in with any unit that has it. It will not spontanously suddenly cause a rout from nowhere, it a depleted unit will get an additional chunk of its leadership eaten up.