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    This one’s about warhammer 2.I’ve covered 2 factions in this part


    Hope you all find it useful

    Lets foucus the talk on warhammer 2 now,

    The faction I like are skavenand Dark Eleves…I mean.Malekeith is so badass..These 2 factions are the ones I’ve played quite a lot and would love to see a darkeleves let’s play on your channel.

    Talking about the dark elves, let’s start with them.

    1. Keeping either Clan Sceptik or the Mung alive longer. They’re both a great source of constant slaves that’s close to home. Once you actually start conquering Naggaroth, you won’t be earning many slaves from occupying.

    2. Send a Black Ark off ASAP collecting sea treasure. Tons of great buffs and the Black Ark will likely more than pay for itself with all the treasure you find.

    3. I would’ve also taken Ghrond much earlier for the gold mine. I didn’t notice the little gold symbol beside the town on the map otherwise I would’ve made it a priority to take them out earlier in the campaign.

    And as far as army comps go… I abuse the -50% upkeep Malekith gets on darkshards and black guard. He’s got 6 Black Guards and 6 Darkshards w/shields currently in his army (used to be 8 darkshards; they’re so damn good that you really can’t go wrong with a lot of them.)

    Other armies are mostly comprised of Corsairs, a few Spearmen, and a bunch of darkshards. Maybe throw a good armor piercing unit into each of them when I can afford it, like a Hydra or a block of Executioners. Corsairs do great against the lower armor races (so Skaven, Norscans, most High/Dark Elf armies that aren’t full of elites… Basically anything but vs Lizardmen.)

    Right away send Malekith to reclaim the rest of Naggarond, recruiting darkshards and dreadspears as you go. 6 spears and eight shards is the desired figure, that leaves Malekith, the cold ones, his blackguard and space for a hag when you can get one. Add another dread spear regiment in the mean time.

    Take slaves at every opportunity. You’ll replace all these units so the XP is meaningless and you can get plenty of money by looting. You need replenishment to keep your armies moving and slaves to bolster your economy and fuel your rituals.

    Make friends with Hag Gref to your south and Har Ganeth to the east. They’ll like you to start with anyway but give them both a small gifts and establish non-aggression, trade and alliances as quickly as possible as you’ll want to confederate them later. They’re likely to end up squabbling with other minor factions so their growth will be limited and easy to gobble up.

    Right after securing Naggarond province raise another lord and begin filling up his stack with dreadspears and dark shards. 6 spears 8 shards minimum.

    Send Malekith to grab the Grand Arena – Har Ganeth may make a play for it to so don’t waste time treasure hunting and have it stolen out from underneath you. If they do take it, don’t lose sleep. Its annoying but it won’t matter in the long run. Then go past Ghrond itself to the northern settlement. Ideally, the large stack in Ghrond will leave the city to try and intercept you but its unlikely. Capture it. Ideally you’ve now two of the three settlements.

    Ghrond likely (still) has a large stack on top of its garrison. Fighting them on their walls is suicide and you can’t afford to bring your second army in to help because the Mung and Skaven will savage your unprotected flank.

    So instead, lure them out. Move to attack the city and begin seiging. The AI thinks it has a substantial advantage and will sally out to meet you. Kill them, take the city. You may sustain heavy casualties but your darkshards will carry you through and with Ghrond eradicated you can replenish your forces.

    While this is going on, press the Skaven to your west with your second army. Take the altar first as its walls will stall any skaven counter-attacks. Again use the seige to lure their stack off the walls if its present. Once taken watch their armies as they like to move between settlements. Quickly snatch up the relatively undefended one and then attack their stack when it moves to try and take back the altar.

    That’s three complete provinces and the skaven should be eradicated. Build growth chains then craft houses. You don’t have enough slaves to justify pens yet.

    Public order can suffer, don’t worry about controlling it. Rebellions are a good thing right now – its free XP for your generals and money for you.

    Walls are pointless. The only time you’ll want them is to defend against ritual spawn stacks and they’ll roll right over them the turn they attack and raze it anyway. Go for the cash and you’ll be well positioned to rebuild.

    Raise a new lord. Same mix of units. We’re going after the Mung.

    Send the recovered Malekith to the Mung Encampment north of Har Ganeth. He’s closer anyway. The other two lords will strike the two settlements that’re nested closely together just north of your new holdings at the Altar.

    Every time, loot and occupy. The corruption is so high you’ll be in huge negative public order anyway so lets get it over with. When they spawn let the rebellions build a little bit to bring public order back up and increase the yield of cash and slaves you’ll get for destroying them.

    With these three taken you only need bear island to eradicate the Mung entirely. Its a moderately long way west so you’re going to send the better stacked of your two armies at Ironfrost itself in raid stance (to negate the corruption attrition) west to Bear Island. They’ll be begging you for peace. Don’t take it.

    The worse off of the two will hang around to crush rebellions spawning near Ironfrost, Malekith hangs out in the Mung Encampment to deal with things on that side.

    Take Bear Island. Mung eradicated. Four full provinces and secure boarders.

    Don’t be afraid to use your war coordination with your allies to keep their armies from becoming too strong. Send them after their enemies so that the war’s don’t go cold with troop build up. Especially an enemy stronger than then. This will lower their relative strength and make them more amenable to confederation which can give an early boost.

    Those who refuse to kneel regardless, will die.

    AS for skaven, YES YES !!

    The Skaven settlements are camouflaged to all other races on the campaign map and other factions might confuse them with ruins. You can obviously take advantage of this mechanic by having a camouflaged settlement and leaving it undefended or having a strong Skaven army ready inside to strike at any non-skaven army that passes by, thus having the benefit of a supporting garrison as reïnforcement. Skaven can also colonize a ruin starting at tier 3 at the cost of a lot of food.

    For Skaven, having the surprise and sheer amount of troops is key to victory! However, having too many armies and settlements can pose a problem with food (less leadership/growth/happiness). Another trait that the Skaven have is spreading their corruption


    Eat eat eat. Food is a precious resource for Skaven since they have a high metabolism. You will run into problems if you don’t counter this issue right away. The hud on the campaign map gives information on how much food your growing empire has. If this falls below the 41% threshold you will get negative penalties that will affect your armies as well as your settlements.

    Food is hard to aquire by building food related buildings, you need a resource for that in order to build that specific building and they’re rare and far from your starting position. The main way of collecting food while playing as the Skaven is aquired mainly through battling the other races, even rival Skaven clans, or raiding regions.

    You are meant to loot settlements and eat your victims, devouring the world is the will of the Great Horned Rat after all. This makes the Skaven a very expansionist and hard to play faction since you will need to continually battle the other races for food if you have more settlements and army’s. However having too many settlements and armies might give you a hard time to collect enough food if there are no enemies in the vicinity to feast on. However this can be countered by finding valuable settlements that allow you to build food related buildings (pastures).

    Each army consumes 1 food per turn and so does each settlement. So as a wise rat you need to think how you want to expand, what settlements you want to conquer and how many armies you want to field. Think about what the benefits are of holding a region(s) compared to the food loss you will get.

    The exploitative planning commandment only holds +2 food per region while most regions have 3 settlements or more which whill have a total of -1 food per region if you use the commandment. The commandment will be used a lot during the campaign to prevent your faction from starving in the mid to late game.

    (Top Tip:The amount stored is dependant on the amount of settlements you have.)

    Skaven corruption:

    This corruption is unique in the sense that it has a drawback for the Skaven on the campaign map but a boon in battles where corruption is very high! Here are some pros and cons for having a high Skaven corruption in a region belonging to you or the enemy.

    More uses for the Menace Below ability during battle.
    Lowering public order of rival factions if it spreads there.
    Lowering your own public order where corruption is high.


    You will start with your lord on the campaign map. This one will be unaffected by the loyalty system since this rat is your faction leader. The recruited lords from the campaign map all have an indicator of how high their loyalty will be when you recruit them. The max loyalty a lord can have is 10 and the minimum is 1. Having the lord loyalty drop to 0 will result in a rebellion which will ruin your campaign if you gave him really powerfull units like rat ogres or hell pit abominations.

    When your lord has low loyalty consider doing the following things:
    Win battles
    Recruit more units
    Complete missions
    This will raise your lords loyalty and will prevent a rebellion from happening. Having a high loyalty ensures that your lords won’t rebel any time soon when you lose a battle or two.

    Skaven Battle Strategy 101
    In this section i will talk shortly about the general strategy you should use when playing Skaven.

    The Skaven work with numbers, but that might not be so true in the game since you have a 20 unit cap, but you do have the ability to summon more in battle if you have high skaven corruption in the area.

    The most you will get from the skaven are not the infantry but their warmachines and artillery. The Skaven have knack for engineering warmachines and it shows in the game. Their artillery can be seen as one of the best in this game and can be used effectively to win battles. Every Skaven player should focus on having atleast some artillery in their arsenal to play with. The Skaven units are no match for the stronger units of other factions when fighting an even battle with the 20 unit cap.

    What you should focus on having in your army should be clan rats or stormvermin (even better) to pin down the enemy units so your artillery or warmachines can hit them hard. The Skaven are an artillery focussed faction in this game rather than relying on massive numbers since its capped.

    Its do-able to win with only infantry, but it’s way easier to do it with some artillery. Hope this helped breaking mindset of playing with Skaven (being an endless horde) like how they are in the lore. The game just won’t allow it and it’s balanced that way .

    Unit composition
    You will see that most players will have a few plagueclaw catapults and warp lightning cannons. It feels cheap, but thats how it goes. Paired with stormvermin, globadiers and a doomwheel you should be able to fend off most armies. It doesnt have to be a fancy mix.

    Biggest tip—–

    Most Skaven units have 2 passive abilities! These are important as you will use it often in battle.
    When leadership is low they will have a 12% speed buff for retreating safely.
    When their hitpoints are above 50% it will result in a defense buff +8 and a leadership buff of +6 and a speed penalty of -12%

    Early Game plan

    You will get a mission to take a settlement of the “Fortress of Dawn” elf faction. You know what to do don’t you? Kill the elf-things (capture them for food after) and recruit some more units once you move more left along your border so you can strike the settlement on your next turn. Recruit Skavenslaves or clanrats, but i would go with clanrats since they are a cheap replaceable frontline unit (-50% upkeep). Put a point in route marcher. End your turn and wait.

    Try to get a non aggression pact with Zlatlan. Now go and take the settlement starting at lvl 2 and repair the docks. You need to build up your gold income after all. After this your mission will be complete and you will have some money and warpstone. Keep an eye out for those missions if you want to gain an edge in the campaign. Build a ratling warrens for replenishment or the Taskmaster’s platform (unlocks a technology tree later on when you upgrade it).

    (Small Tip: (Keep capturing enemies at the post battle screen for lots of food so you can colonize ruins at higher levels)
    (Medium Tip: You can auto merge units with ctrl+m or use the encamp stance to regain unit health quickly in the field)
    (Big Tip: Clan Moulder will ally against you with the elves if you appear weak! Traitors.)

    Colonize the ruin (or search it if you feel lucky, to complete the mission and gain extra cash) and defend your own territory for now and replenish your troops. By now you should have an army of 18 units strong, mostly filled with clanrat troops. After recruiting some more units you can recruit a lord of your choosing and build up a second army. Using the expansionist planning commandment you should have unlocked the first Rite “The Dominating Scheme”. This rite will help you grow more quickly if you have money. Try to spend as much points as possible in queeks unique ability tree since it will give you powerfull bonusses

    In the next few turns the Fortress of Dawn faction might want to have some beef with you, destroy their navy when it tries to conquer one of your settlements and bring the fight to them if you feel like it. Or continue on to the east since they are weak anyway and won’t attack in some time, your second army can hold them off if its strong enough.

    Your next conquest should be the “Jungle of the Gods” province since the Caverns of Sotek has a warpstone bonus. You need warpstone to win the vortex campaign. Continue to expand south-east, ignoring the other Clans non aggression pact, since they are your stepping stone to greatness anyway. They will probably lay siege to the elven settlement if they have reached it faster (and they will fail making it a perfect opportunity to kill their last army). If you go to war to defeat their army, you will be at war with another clan further to the east. Since they have a stupid defensive pact..and it won’t save them yes-yes.

    No matter! They will be overrun by the lizardmen in a few turns. Wait, build your army, maybe even a third one if both are full and prepare to take clan Moulders settlement and erase them from the southern lands. This will open up a quest battle! Take the quest whenever you can and earn the warp-shard armor that comes with it. You will need it in the battles to come. After this is done continue to expand east, taking all the settlements if you wish. Build a clan armoury when you can to open up the technology tree, or an assassins hideout to unlock an agent and completing a mission.

    The Avenue of Gold will have a gold mine to increase your income. The Last Defenders will have the food resource you need to build a food related building. I won’t spoil too much as to where to find it but now you know what faction has the first food related building plot. They can prove a real challenge. You were advancing to the east anyway so good luck with that. I suggest doing the battles yourself instead of auto resolving them.

    Further east, between the mountain lies the warpstone resource site on the starting landmass held by the wood elve-things/lizard-things (depending on your playthrough, wood-elves are a bítch). Holding these two resource sites will slowly inch you towards victory till you are brave enough to venture beyond the southern lands. The final ritual resource site lies north where the vampires are. They shouldn’t pose a big threat.

    (Hint: There is a second resource site north west from your starting position)

    I covered just the basic tips of the 2 warhammers lol