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    Hi, I’ll be covering the factions I missed in my previous comment. They will the dwarves ,brettonia,high elves,norsca and wood elves

    I hope you will find this useful in your mOtal Empires as well. Let me know if you find this useful and if you have any suggesstions for me aswell.

    Let’s start with dwarves. Among all other factions, I’ve spent most of my time playing as them. During my third campaign(which was a mortal empires one) I knew exactly what to do and what not to. Remembering and following a few points makes things easier for you in the mid game.

    The things to remember about Dwarves are these things.
    1) Dwarves are tough as nails. Use it. Your melee units are nigh unkillable, and will simply outlast most folks. Don’t even bother to counter charge in most cases, just take the charge and then swing in some miners, or gyrocopters, or hammers to smack into them from the flank. Let your Warriors, Iron Breakers, and Long Beards eat the damage. Use your Miners as a flexible defensive line or a flanker, and use your slayers as the mother of all flankers and precision killers. The point of melee is to BOG THE ENEMY DOWN so your devestating ranged units can do their job.

    2) Dwarves can, with proper positioning, win 9 times out of 10 against anybody else even when out numbered. Don’t try 3-1 odds against, but when teched up and with enough artillery? You’ll be able to hold off enemy forces and even beat the tar out of them even when the autobattle thing says you should be annihilated. Note: You will get phyrric victories in many of these outnumbered cases unless you use abilities and terrain perfectly, and even then. But it can be worth it as long as you don’t lose any units, and you force an enemy to run. It always pays to make Orks lose, the bigger the victory, the better it is. But try to annihilate their armies whenever you can, but don’t be afraid to eat a phyric victory and retreat to a hold to replenish your units, so long as you didn’t have any units completely cut down.

    3) Dwarves don’t break. Really. They just don’t. Okay, that’s a lie, but by the time they’re ready to break they’re usually almost dead anyway. So really? They’re just saving you the cost of rebuying those units if you can rally them or win the map before they run off it.

    4) Dwarves don’t move. Miners, Slayers, Hammers, and Gyropters should be the only three guys you move outside of siege battles. Dwarves play a WAITING game. Even during Sieges, use your cannons (you have cannons right?) to blow away the towers that threaten you, and then just sit back and let your artillery empty themselves obliterating the enemies up on the walls. Eventually they’ll either run, or sally forth, or just abandon the walls and let your dudes up close to bash down front gates and walk in. But in all other battles? Don’t move. Set up your formations in a nice, neat little C or L of melee fighters around your ranged units up on one corner of your deployment zone. Then just turn your artillery and ranged units to open fire on the enemy as they close. Keep a nice gap between your ranged units and your melee units, so the ranged units aren’t drawn into melee themselves. That said, once you get good at this, there are units that it pays to move on occasion, thunderers especially can be used this way, as can quarrelers, but their deal is often ‘moving to the flanks of enemies’ or ‘moving back through your lines to let your warriors take the charge instead.

    5) Preserve your goddamn experienced units. I don’t think I made that clear enough, so let me say it again. PRESERVE YOUR GODDAMN EXPERIENCED UNITS. Dwarven units are nigh unkillable, and they only grow MORE SO as they level up. They can retreat in an orderly fashion, even opening their backs up to being attacked by enemies, and STILL avoid breaking as they retreat to safety. This should only ever be an issue when besieging cities however. If you’re on a default map and you’re not in formation, you have screwed up, and you’re probably going to take heavy losses before your ranged units can continue pounding the foe. Anyway, the point I’m making is that there is never an excuse for losing a experienced unit as a Dwarf player, unless you are enormously outnumbered and can’t flee.

    6) Don’t buy battering rams. Just bring a couple of miners along to break the gate down. But do buy siege towers. Mother of god, buy at least 6 siege towers (build siege towers 3 times, will take you 6 turns). It makes sieges go so much faster and dwarven siege towers are rediculously tough from what I can tell since I’ve never had one die, even against enemy capitals with significant defensive upgrades.

    Your first challenge will be facing the greenskins (obvious lol).
    Greenskins, are in many ways, your antithesis. Dwarves don’t move if they can help it, Orks should always be on the attack. Dwarves are strongest with their artillery, Orks are strongest in their melee. Dwarves are few in number, Orks numbers are endless. Dwarves have a nearly unbreakable spirit, Orks will fall to pieces the moment their leadership is dead or they take slightly too much damage at one time.

    Keep all of this in mind when you fight orks. They will surround you, their cavalry units hit hard, and while slower than almost every other cavalry in the game, are still faster than your own guys. You will be overwhelmed, and this makes holding your formations all the more important. Luckily, Orkish moral is so fragile that you can break them over your knee if you hold fast.

    The most important thing to remember about Orks is that your opening move should always be to let them inevitably attack you, then to strike back after they break on you. The first battle should be tactical, the second one should be an autobattle in almost every case, as the Orks should be so heavily bled by breaking on you that you can smash them down as they retreat and wipe out the force that is unable to run away any further. Use supporting armies, or garrissons, to back up your initial fight when you can, and try your best to hold the line in every case. Orks will steam roll you if their fightiness gets up, and as such, you should make it a priority to kill, wipe out, or at least just bleed, any ork army that has gone unmolested for longer than 10 turns. Do not give them the chance to build up a chain of victories, or they will start growing exponentially stronger.


    Also try and capture the Gold Mine which will give you early boost in the income which will help you field another army.But before fielding another one, I strongly advice you to hold off the idea of another army and focus on getting the buildings that helps you recruit elite drawf units. This is really really helpful and possilble if you have enough money each turn to start the building upgrades or else you will forced to venture further into the greenskins territory with only dwarf warriors.
    Elite units in early game will help you expand quickly and by mid game you will be in a trong position to deal with threats on multiple fronts wiyhout having to face any mapower issue. IT WILL HELP YOU SETTLE RIGHT DURING THE EARLY GAME PERIOD. WHAT MANY DO IS START BUILDING ANOTHER ARMY AS SOON AS THEY CAN AFFORD ONE. I STRONGLY RECCOMEND TO IMPROVE THE COMDITION OF THE ARMIES FIRST.

    I’d like to highlight MINErs in this discussion.
    You will not regret having them in each of your army.

    Keep two of these in your attacking/sieging armies at all times. They lack in shields, but they make up for it in numbers and the ability to pierce armor, making them perfect for holding behind your main line or holding a flank and then sweeping around into the flanks of heavily armored enemies or against heavily armored cavalry (even if the cavalry charge will give them a black eye). More importantly, they’re ever so slightly faster than anything above, making them able to be used to quickly react to a developing situation. Even with their low speed, if you’re playing dwarves right, your army should be fairly compressed, and thus, they don’t have to move MUCH faster to be good at this.

    (With Blasting Charges)
    Blasting Charges are actually pretty awesome, and you can get them even if your gunsmith workshop and your sparring grounds are in different settlements from what I can tell, which is a rarity as far as unit production is concerned (Having a smith in a different city does NOT allow you to make great weapon quarrlers and great weapon warriors for example). Blasting Charges do massive amounts of moral damage upon impact, and make Miners really good at breaking charges. That said, barring upkeep prices, if the Iron Breakers actually do have this too (rather than throwing axes like I might suspect would be their alternate), then I don’t see much reason to go out of your way to make these guys.

    $100 TIP—–


    Regiments of Reknown change a lot of things. Grab them any time you can, and beware that even the dumbest AI is going to do the same thing. If you see an army with Regiments of Reknown in their numbers, do your best to screw them over.

    Do not screw up your grudges, and make -really sure- that you get at least one hero, free of an army with a really high level and focusing in assassination (Thanes are perfect for this). The counter assassin grudge is rediculously hard to fix if your enemy has a much stronger assassin than your own heroes, as I’m half convinced the game weights assassinations by AI as more likely than player ones. That or Goblins are sneakier than dwarves and they get an assassination buff earlier.
    Do not waste your money. Ever. It is really easy to keep jumping your different buildings around, getting it just right. Just don’t. Get it right, or as close to right, as you can the first time. Always grab the mines, always grab the unique buildings, and always grab the gates/walls because they increase your garisson forces enormously. Make sure at least one place has barley fields, two if you need the place to upgrade ultra fast (such as the province directly north of the silver roads), as long as you keep friendly with the other dwarves you don’t even need an army present except to keep happiness up.

    You have a LONG TIME before chaos will even get close to you. Don’t worry about their announcement so much. It’s no big deal, you can wait for them to come and break on your northern allies, or on your holds when you claim the territory just north of you. Just make sure you’re turning that place into a military fortified powerhouse, and it’ll all go smooth. All the defenses you can afford, the unique structures, engineers and artillery in the capital, and mid-tier melee dudes in the second place. Import high tier melee from Kharaz-a-Kharak.
    —>This is less true than it once was. With the introduction of Beastmen, they might not screw you up, but they will do a load of damage to the Empire and Human factions most of the time, meaing Chaos is even better set to sweep on through when it gets going. If you’re lucky the Beastmen that spawn in the south will just get eaten by orks almost immediately though.

    Set your rune smiths to deploy any time there’s a goblin hero running around assassinating people. It’ll reduce their chances of doing anything in your provinces. It won’t help when you go on the offense, but it’ll prevent them from pulling shenanigans on your defensive armies at least. It’ll also screw up corruption against you as well, shut down enemy magic, and generally help out enormously.
    I Haven’t experimented very much with skill points, so this is pure logic talking. In general, if you can improve the ammo stocks of your army, you should. Nothing sucks more in a long fight where your beefy melee infantry are holding the line against greenskins, and suddenly it all washes up because your artillery starts running out of ammo. This is only RARELY a case, but it’s a sucky case to have all the same.


    Playing as Leoncour,(I’ve only played it once with LEon)

    Bretonnia is a strange one to start with because the game is threatened by your manliness. You begin with two settlements, a city and a port town which count as a full region. Because of this you can issue a commandment straight away. I would recommend going for control (public order) as in single player, you will always face an orc incursion event at the beginning of the game which will cause your control to deteriorate.

    You will also be at war with Norsca and Marienburg to begin with. Norsca is too far north to actually do anything so don’t worry about them, but Marienburg can be a threat if left unattended. My opinion? Recruit up to your peasant capacity, attach your damsel to your army and immediately march upon Marienburg. Don’t even bother trying to fight the siege, just encircle them and wait them out.

    Why? Because two reasons. First of all, you will NOT be getting much early game combat in a Bretonnia campaign, so getting some experience from sieging will help Louen in the long run. You can fight the battle when they’re about to die of attrition if you so wish to get some extra xp.

    It isn’t 100% vital that you fight Marienburg, but taking them out gives you less stress, it will also let you occupy one of the two paths to your capital for extra defence, Marienburg has a special port that earns you a ton of income when built AND sieging it only serves to increase the manliness of Louen.

    After that, feel free to stomp over Marienburgs other city and then march up the mountain to deal with the orcs. Like I said, this is about as much action as you’re going to get for a while so enjoy it.

    Next up, technology. At the start of the game, you can only research two fields, one for Chivalry and one for economy. Get the Chivalric Code first. The economy investment increases income from farms but you won’t have many to start with so it’s not that useful. The Chivalry research leads to two other researches which you *need*. This is your game plan so pay attention.

    After researching the Chivalry upgrade, you can take two other technlogies and this is where Bretonnia gets interesting. At the bottom left, see those Heraldry researches? Those will not only give you a huge diplomatic boost with the faction, it allows you to form a confederation with them. And this my friends is your game plan.

    See, at the start of the game, you want to be forming as many agreements with the other Bretonnian factions as you physically can. Keeping good relations with them means that as soon as you finish a Heraldry research, you can add them to your confederation. The advantages of this are as follows:

    Declaring war on a Bretonnian faction makes you LOSE chivalry. This means attempting to take these factions via conquest will cause you to suffer.

    You can expand your realm by waving bits of paper around. No fighting lots of battles, spending money on units and other war expenses, no stress of fighting sieges or losing your own settlements. You can get them for free. Crusader Kings would be proud of you.

    So in what order do I do this? Well, so far I’ve not found the optimal route for this, and even then the order will change based upon how the early game unfolds so here are the pros and cons to each.

    Artois: Artois sits on the border with the Empire/Empire rebels, taking this early will prevent the Empire from spreading down. The Beastment will also lurk in this area so if you want to beat them up early on, having Artois and an army inside it isn’t a bad idea.

    Parravon: Parravon is a bit of an unfortunate settlement in terms that without Artois, you can’t form a trade agreement with them. Getting them on your side is quite tricky and for some reason, in all of my campaigns they get heavily infested with corruption. In all honesty, I don’t really consider them a priority to assimilate.

    Bordeleaux: These folks have settlements on the ocean, meaning you can build ports and therfore make it rain with manly gold pieces. Unfortunately they also border with undead, which we’ll get into later.

    Lyonesse: They’re closest to you geographically and probably the first friend you’ll make. They’re a small faction but easy to assimilate. Totally worth getting to protect the second route to your capital and if you want to fight the undead early on, you need them.

    Bastonne: Again pretty close to you geographically and in a good spot to launch operations against the undead.

    Carcassonne: This one is further south and bordering with the elves but totally, totally, totally worth it. Carcassonne will give you another legendary leader, The Fey Enchantress, a powerful spellcaster who can massively turn the tide of losing battles. You really do want her, but keep in mind as a legendary leader you cannot disband her, so make sure your economy can afford another army before assimilating this faction!

    Each of these researches takes 6 turns, so unifying the land should occupy you up until turn 36 at the earliest. So keep assimilating the other factions and remember, build a farm and a windmill in every province you get. Also keep good relations with the Empire because you really don’t want a war just yet.

    Make sure ALL of your regions have a farm and a windmill. Upgraded as much as they can. For real. Do it.

    Upgrade all of your settlements to maximum capacity. Especially your capital, you NEED it at level 5 as soon as you can. Why? To build the grand tournament of course! What are knights without a tournament?

    Get some paladins. They’re a hero unit, each gives you extra chivalry. Make sure all of your armies have at least one paladin inside, they’re pretty damned manly on the battlefield so there’s no reason not to have one.

    Any building you can get that will increase Chivalry, GET IT.

    See, to win as Bretonnia, you have to have 1000 Chivalry (max) and also win the errantry war. What does that mean for you? Some battles with greenskins. Providing you’re able to max out your Chivalry and win the errantry campaign battles, you win the campaign. That’s it, that’s your end game target here. No beating up Archeon or worrying about Chaos (unless he marches down there in which case get your Manly king to make him regret his own existence), no pulverising the elves (Seriously, they never leave the forest and their garrisons are enormous, taking out the elves is more trouble than its worth), and no panicking about vampires (Other than the filthy traitors that have already been parted with their heads).

    Providing you do these things, you win. That’s really all there is to it, be manly, be chivalrous and above all else, scream Deus Vult as often as you can, as this improves the morale of your knights.



    General Campaign Walkthrough

    At the start of the game you only have King’s Glade and The Oak of Ages under your control both starting at tier 1 and a very limited supply of amber.

    First off you want to build a trapper’s den along with the early tech Isha, the Mother you will have a very comfortable +100 growth so you can expand King’s Glade extremely rapidly, this will allow you to construct all the buildings you need early on. You may want to upgrade the trapper’s den to tier 2 but this is optional. Do not upgrade it to tier 3 because by that point you already or almost have all the growth points that you need to go to tier 5 at which point you want to demolish the building for something more useful.

    Militairy buildings you want are Selathoi Gallery to tier 2 (tier 3 is optional if you have the spare money which you will later on). Glade Guard Hide tier 3 for the waystalker recruitment. Both the Asrai and bowyer workshops on tier 2.

    Economic buildings are going to be the most important ones to keep your empire financially afloat.
    The ones you want are Grape Vines tier 3 for that lovely 1200 income and Vinter’s Barrel House tier 2 for what is the secret power of the elven economy. The ridiculous 40% income boost to all regions in this and adjacent provinces.

    You want to spend your early amber on upgrading king’s glade and technology rather than the oak of ages. The Oak of Ages provides very powerfull buffs aswell as allowing you to confederate but you will want this mid game and is not critical to have early on. Reasons for this are:
    1. You will need to build a sufficiently strong relationship with the other elves before they are even interested in confederating.
    2. Chaos corruption is non existant early on.

    Once you have kings glade sufficiently upgraded and have Orions army built up according to the previous section of this guide you are ready to go kick carcassone’s teeth in as you already start at war with them. besiege their settlement and starve them out or provoke them into sallying forth.
    Picking up Hukon, the Sunderer can greatly speed up this process.

    Note: While fielding a full stack army with just King’s Glade you won’t be making alot of money so your primary source of income is razing enemy settlements as you can recolonise them for free a lot less than what you raze them for.

    After capturing Castle Carcassone and Brionne you want to invest your amber into the technologies Loec, the Trickster and Mathlann for public order and Lord of the Deeps for your next major economy boon +400% income from ports. with the latter you will be making 500-600 gold from every port town here on out. In any non port settlement you capture you want to build either a sacrificial grounds to empower your forces or foraging groves for extra income whichever you need more at the time.

    After this display of power the other elven factions will aproach you in due course with a non agression pact and eventually alliances which will eventually lead to confederations.

    Your next war target is Estalia. Siege and starve them out in a same manner as Carcasonne and you will gain yourself 3 additional port towns. do note that in the woods southeast of bilbali is a standard spawning location for a beastmen horde.

    After Estalia is nomore you should have enough amber and income to start upgrading the oak of ages to atleast tier 2. And start recruiting a second army. You now have the choice to either attack the rest of Brettonia or attack Crooked Moon and Clan Angrund. Personally I tend to ally Bretonnia for the free amber as their cavalry poses a real threat to my archer focused armies and go after the greenskins and dwarves instead.

    And yes Bretonnia will hate you at first but after your swift destruction of both Carcasonne and Estalia they are more than willing to sign a non aggression pact. Otherwise the ladrielle, lady of the mists tech will help it along aswell. These treaties will start generating better relations over time leading to eventual militairy alliances.

    Another viable wartarget you want to hit at some point is Tilea for the same reason we attacked Estalia, namely port towns. All of the port towns

    By this stage you should be able to upgrade the Oak of Ages to tier 3 if you havent done so already and start confederating the other elven factions. They should have sufficiently good relations with you thanks to the previous treaties generating positive relations over time. Once confederated you want to build the tier 3 grape vines and vinters barrel houses to their respective maximum tiers as quickly as possible in all 3 elven halls.
    As you might remember the later boosts the former by 40% in its own aswell as all adjacent regions. which means each Winery is boosted by at least 3 of them which results in a 120% boosts of that 1200 gold income! (money for days).

    Once you have enough amber you will want to grab the Asuryan, the creator tech aswell for another 20% income boost to all structures (primarily the winery’s and port towns).

    You are free to build whatever you want in the remaining slots of the other three elven halls but I recommend to build at least a Roots of Ghyran and Waywatchers Perch in each of them for the respective hero slots.The four elven council buildings, and the two temples to unlock your late game technologies.

    Additionally you are going to want to build at least one Skycrown Oak Walls for Orions Quest for the Horn of the Wild Hunt.

    From here on you can finish researching everything in the tech tree and you should have enough income to maintain multiple fullstack armies of elves and conquer basically anything you want. Thanks to all the razing and massive income I usually sit between 250-500K in my treasury at all times.

    Note: When you confederate it is possible due to the AI cheating you will suddenly have an amber deficit. Just conquer some extra settlements to aleviate this as it holds no immediate negative repercussions.



    This is more of a general campaign and battle guide. As High Elves your first challenge will be uniting Ulthuan …No major threats will be posed until the druchii will start searching for the shrine of khaine…especially Hellebron on Higher difficulty levels. As soon as she builds a moderately powerful army, you will start seeing her raiding the Ulthuan coastline and claiming the Sword of Khaine.

    Early on when your armies are mostly Spearmen and Archers you want to make the enemy come to you and take defensive positions. Spearmen are just going to act as walls while Archers and Tyrion/Teclis net the kills. Keep the Archers in square formations and separate them a bit so that they can turn and fire without obstructing one another, and so they can cross-fire across your formation. If you have Tyrion he’ll mostly be dueling enemy lords and then wiping up, if you’re Teclis then you want to encourage blobbing so that you can pound enemies with Chain Lightning and Flock of Doom

    Eventually you’ll want to incorporate cavalry and chariots (if you feel like chariots) to clip wings and focus down flanks. White Lions can start to make up some of your line and become a bit more offensive, though you’ll still want a couple Spearmen until you replace Archers with Lothern Sea Guard just because the Spearmen can hold out so much longer on a flank than White Lions

    If you want you can replace Spearmen with Lothern Sea Guard and back them up with Archers. 10+ missile units will shred most low- to mid-armored factions before they can connect, but you don’t want really to do this against Dwarfs or Chaos because it’s inefficient compared to White Lions

    You can also do some fun stuff with cavalry and dragons. My Teclis ME campaign eventually saw his army consist of 5 Phoenix Guard, Teclis on his horse, four Dragon Princes, four Bolt Throwers, then a bunch of dragons/phoenixes. Spread the Bolt Throwers apart and picked the enemy armies off by isolating units with Net of Amyntok (pre-nerf) and burning them down with dragon breath and spells. Wood Elves can do something similar (they’re a little better at it with Waywatchers), and it’s fun if you’re confident in your micro abilities

    You can kind of do what you want with High Elves at the higher tiers. Main thing to remember is that Spearmen aren’t killy but are very good at holding out for a long time. Use them as mobile walls, even into the later game, and then use other components to burn things down


    High Elves have the unique resource of Influence, which they gain after completing missions and rites and many other things. Influence allows you to buy the most powerful Lords in the area and will let you make the most important political decisions.

    Higher the influence cost of a Lord, the better they have stats at the beginning. You can also use it on the court to improve your relationships or decrease them with factions.

    Trade Espionage

    Another unique ability is the Trade Espionage. Ay faction with which you have trade with, this ability will let you see their territory. This helps you view more territory and prepare accordingly for a potential attack on defense.

    Building up Army

    Start with building Militia Camp to start training spearmen and archers. This is your first army building. Use the spearmen and archers to make a good line of defense and attack. They are also your basic units when playing with the High Elves. Next, build an Archive to train some Wizards to take advantage of the High Elves magical powers.

    The true strength of High Elves army lies in the Dragon’s Lair and the Temple of Acai that trains dragons and phoenixes. Build them up and train as many heavy and light units to build up your armies to make your settlement a strong one.

    Combat Tips
    High Elves are focused towards defense. Their units are quite good and effective but they are all heavy in your pocket. Create diversified formations so that all units are used effectively in the battle and none of the units is left out due to wrong placements.

    Try to keep their health above 50% and they will get a melee boost to attack and defense due to their Martial Prowess ability. This defensive ability makes their defensive stance even more powerful.

    The spearmen are great for holding off enemies while your charge units move in to deal some damage. The Cavalry gets charge bonus to plow through enemy lines while ranged units such as archers are great for attacking from a distance and thinning the enemy frontlines.

    Your flying units are the best in the fights. They have high mobility and great amounts of damage so use them often.

    Their only weakness is being outnumbered. Each High Elf unit is expensive so keeping large enemies can be a big problem. Other than that, they have no specific weakness.

    I find High Elf campaign a bit boring but that’s just me…..:(