• ?Drones Marzbar Discussion

    I have a parrot drone (forgot the name :P ). Its a fun drone but the quality of the camera is really really poor. Would love to get a dji drone, cant justify spending that much money on sth like that tho.

    If the drones came down in price (the dji ones and other ‘professional’ ones) there would be many more people buying them.

  • ?MarzBar’s Office

    Change the ladders to the new room into floating stairs (cant stand the amount of dirt on the white wall that is next to the current ladders…).
    Change the legs of your desk into thicker legs (white wooden legs would looks great (this would also show symmetry with the editing desk)

    Put a carpet or some kind of flooring into the new room.

  • ?Amazon Echo

    Looks cool but I personally do not see the use for it in my house.

  • ?Car Wrapping

    It protects the car for sure.
    If you get tired of your car, you can wrap it into a completely new colour that will make you love your car once again as if it was new. It gives a new life to the car.

  • szymonnowak452 posted a comment on ?Drones 3 years ago


    The drones are awesome. The ability to just fly up and record the surrounding or do things like follow a boat that you are on. Gotta love that it allows for different angles that would not be easy to get without a drone.

  • szymonnowak452 posted a comment on ?GoPro 3 years ago


    The size an quality.

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