• Taco Hope posted a comment on ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked 5 months, 1 week ago


    I don’t like how they made it into 5 separate ranks.. Just when I look at it, I feel weird. Idk just a feeling. There are some problems to this system, 1. If you are actually silver 4, or actually gold 4 or whatever, you should be able to play all roles at your level. Sure you can be better at some, and worse at others, but you should be able to perform at the same level. (For example, I have a pocket pick for every role, including support.) 2. If you don’t get the role you’re climbing with, whats the incentive to actually play the other ones? I’d actually like to know, cause I haven’t found out yet lol. 3. What happens when a diamond adc gets autofilled mid and is with plats or even worse golds? If they’re purely a marksmen guy or gal they can just go Corki and be done with it.. Idk, I just feel like they’re flaws to this.. However, I do think this makes lower elos a little bit better and just a better vibe.. So pros and cons I guess. :p