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    ?Starting a business – Story

    So this qutee is in fact about me. My very own story on how I started my own business at 18.

    The story begins not that along, February to be exact. I was a farmer at that time, I was out doing my duties on agricycle, which was a business my farm had joint partnership with, collecting plastic waste and cardboard from other farms in the Norfolk and Suffolk region. On this day, I got back, spoke to my farm manager, said I could go home early and then all of a sudden my boss came over to as I was getting into my car and said these exact words ‘sorry to tell you, we won’t be needing you anymore’. What the … were my words. I said okay and got in my car and drove off in shock, a lot of it in fact.

    Now that I had gotten over this and sorted out all my pay blah blah, I needed to somehow get my self some money while I find something else, I started doing some freelance graphic work, that kept me afloat for a little while and then all of a sudden I spoke to a good friend of mine Russ, known him through a forum called FS-UK, for a farming simulator game. He owns his own software company up in Scotland and told me he has a vacancy open for a freelance front-end developer, now lets consider I have been out of the game for fair while, because of farming. So my coding skills etc were rather rusty. I said I’ll think about and then I said ‘in fact, let me design something for you of your choice and then you tell me whether I should come up and see you for an interview”, well that part went very well and off I went up to Edinburgh! Honestly people, you must visit. It’s the most beautiful and amazing city you’ll ever visit. People are lovely, the food is brilliant, everyone talks to you! It’s just great. Anyhow, moving on quite quickly I can home and work didn’t really take off with Russ unfortunately because he was simply not getting the work he thought he would be getting, not his fault. So I decided I needed to do something instead waiting for the world to offer me a million pounds.

    Russ said he got a start up loan to allow him to move and start up in Edinburgh, so I thought I might try this. This is where I came across princes trust, the best solution to have ever hit me!! From that day my life has changed a lot, that’s understatement. The next day I got call from Princes Trust and I also booked an appointment for an information day.

    Information day is boring so I’ll spare you the details. From then on I had to attend a four day course, which opened my eyes to world of business. I’ve just realised I haven’t even told you what my business idea was… A design agency called Fox Studio. Now that I’ve bad that part clear go visit our website – http://www.wearefoxstudio.co.uk

    Anyhow, I done that course and had to arrange for another meeting to then get a business mentor, which I have got one and John is brilliant. Really helpful man.

    Times move on and I now running a fully registered business and about one month away from moving into my new premises at WhiteSpace Norwich. Which a co-working environment.

    This is particularly good for those who want to build a business and network with other business and also likeminded people like yourself.

    Advice: Don’t give up, hammer hammer hammer until you have got what you want (I haven’t got what I want yet).

    This seemed a little boring but it’s something!

    I have missed out so much content, but if you have questions please ask, as I know there many 16-18 year olds on here who keep asking for advice on starting a business.