• ?FIFA 20

    FIFA 20 has the best gameplay within the last 4 or so years but I feel like they need to increase the rate of goalkeepers actually catching the ball. There just seems to be too many rebounds from goalkeepers parrying it away every time. Players also seem to feel a bit heavy/sluggish, the dribbling seems a little slow and delayed as well. But all…[Read more]

  • ?The Player Pick TOTY

    I voted for Salah and I think he’s going to win because he came to Liverpool, set records for goals, got 2nd in the Prem and made it to a Champions League semifinal. I know Pogba and Griezmann won the World Cup but no one had a year like Salah when it came to scoring goals and being an absolute game changer for the team. Plus he had like a hundred…[Read more]

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