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    ?The Price of Gaming

    So I have spend more than 1800$ on Steam only in the last 4-5 years. The total amount is something in the range of 2000-3000$. (How much I spend on new Games/Computer Hardware varies from month to month, for example a lot of good AAA-games are released in Q4 every year so that is the time when I spend the most on games.)

    Whenever there is a new game on the market I think about it on how long I will may play it and if I really need the game at the moment. I also ask my friends, what they think about the game and if they want to play it together with me. And whenever i think a new game is overpriced, I look at different Keystore-websites if I can get a good deal.

    Furthermore I try to avoid games in which you can buy things like opening packs (like in CS:GO), additionally because something like that can be very addictive. And I have to say that I hate P2W-Games and I avoid them as best as I can.

    I changed my habits about spending money on Games several times, because I needed a Hardware-Upgrade for my Streaming/Gaming-Computer (I love my little Baby (GTX 1080)). And I wanted to save some money for a Gaming-Rig for my sister as a birthday present.

    In conclusion I can say yes it is worth it if you know your limits.