• TheoTobyWood posted a reply to MarzBar on ?What is you favorite Slickwrap and Why? 5 years, 8 months ago


    Alex, my favourite slickwrap is the ‘HELMETICA SERIES Spigen Case’ for iPhone 7 Plus. Why? Spider-Man is my favourite superhero ever since I was a child and I am a big fan of Marvel. I really, really like how they have designed Spider-Man, too; the aesthetic is super sharp, incredibly polished and that block colour design is really easy on the eyes. The iPhone 7 has an aluminium case so when you charge it over night and wake up in the morning, the heat on the back of the phone compared to cold fingers creates condensation (or, at least the iPhone 6 did), and the case could actually prevent that from happening. If you were to have a black iPhone 7 Plus, because the phone case is see-through you would get the colour of the phone and the face of Spider-Man… like a really cool contrast of colours. That’s why I like the phone case!

    Congratulations on all three of your channels, man; it’s great that we can see what you get up to every day and each vlog (whether it be eight minutes or eighty minutes), is to some of us the highlight of our day. We wish you best for the future… after all, we’re right here behind you watching you through your daily vlogs. We’re there every day at 6PM refreshing MarzBarVlogs and we’ll be there tomorrow, the day after, the month after and hopefully the year after! Keep doing what you do, keep posting these vlogs we love and work hard anywhere at all times! BEST of luck to all who entered the giveaway!