• ?LoLChampionReworks

    I do believe reworks are necessary, but not to a great extent. In my head, (and I assume Riot’s head too), the ideal scenario for league is to have every single champion be relevant and / or viable in the game. Though I do believe not every champion should be viable all in the same patch or meta, a champion shouldn’t be low tier with minimal…[Read more]

  • ?What Rank are you and Why (In League)

    I’m currently plat 5 in solo queue which i just got recently and this is my second season playing the game. I feel like I may be able to get around mid platinum but definitely not diamond. There are multiple reaons. First off, I can only really play on weekends (assuming I’m not busy then) so practicing and keeping up with the game can sometimes…[Read more]

  • ?Topics for July!

    What personally is your routine when playing league for the first time of the day? I know some people just jump to ranked, practice cs in custom, or play a normals first. If not the same as yours then what do you suggest for people to do to prepare for the first game of the day of ranked?

  • ?Topics for July!

    Hey Huzzy, this isn’t a major problem in league currently, but what’s your opinion on certain skins giving slight advantages. For example iBlitzcrank, the old Underworld Tf, and many skins that provide smoother aa animations, colors blending into the map etc. How do you think riot should design skins with this in mind?

  • ?New 7.2 PBE Changes!

    To simply put it, I feel as high damage mage supports should get a nerf or changed so that they are played mid more than in the bot lane. Two popular picks are Zyra and Malz who are honestly the best examples in this case. Adc’s are already weak as it is and I feel as these types of supports are stopping them from getting farm which is the only…[Read more]

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