• thomas hawley posted a reply to MarzBar on ?MarzBar: iPhone 7 Giveaway! #1 3 years ago

    ?MarzBar: iPhone 7 Giveaway! #1

    Hi Alex I would love to win the Iphone 7 because i have a samsung and it keeps overheating and I love using apple products i have been watching both of your youtube channels MarzBarVlogs and MarzBar for over 3 years now and i love your videos i am 17 years old i also have arare condition called velo cardio facial syndrome i have had lots of operations on my feet and i go to a special school/college I have a gaming channel as well it is Called Tommy G I have over 100 subs and i have done alot of gaming videos I hope you will like this message because i really would like the iphone 7 Thanks and your the best :)