• ?Season 9 Ranked Rewards!

    For the next video on Ranked about rewards and splits I’m gonna have a chance to talk to Riot again, what would you like me to ask?

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Hey! First off thanks for doing it :)
    Main things I try to do
    -Ask them what they think they struggle with to give you things to focus on
    -Talk about the WHY, not just telling them what to do. So if they should have ganked bot lane instead of gone to dragon, tell them, but then explain WHY it was a better choice so they can understand it. This is…

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Congrats! :) What’s your build?

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Sion is perfect to learn to win games actually!
    So think of it like this.. once you’ve won your lane you want to
    =Roam with your ultimate (even from base down the lane, especially bot lane)
    =Repeat that every time your ultimate is available
    =Get every outer tower first, roam for dragons with your ultimate, get rift herald
    =At that point if you…

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    You can if you really want to but I think PTA is just more reliable since it’s so easy to proc it with your passive shots. It won’t be garbage just not quite as good!

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Try making a game plan and knowing your win conditions. It’s easy to get lost in a game and just go on auto pilot, everyone does it. Try thinking “ok this game I will camp bot lane” or give yourself some clear goals if that makes sense. Win conditions (knowing how your champ / team wins the game) and trying to use them will help you a lot I think

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Hey! This is how I think about it
    Deaths Dance = when I need lifesteal but someone is trying to kill me every fight (normally vs burst damage). The reason you pick this over BT or anything else is the bleed effect, giving you time to fight back and heal up the bleed.
    Cull = I never buy this, slows down my build too much. But if you’re in a very…

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    I suffer from that a lot too actually.. my best advice would be to find something fun to play. Sounds weird, but what we want is even if you lose you enjoy it. So for me that’s Kai’sa, I love playing the champion and that motivates me to want to play the game. Try think about what makes you want to play a game rather than finding motivation to…

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Playing defensive is really just playing smart I think. In teamfights it means playing front to back (hitting whatever is closest to you and killing them first). Item wise it’s based on the game! This is what I use.. against one shot burst = GA. Crowd control that holds me in place = QSS / Mercurial. 2 or more AP champions focusing me = Maw of…

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    The end of season 8 should be about 2 months away so I wanted to try something cool and pay some coaches to help you climb until then and some other stuff with it!
    To enter you need to leave a comment under the tag “coach me” (watch the video from 2:42 if you aren’t sure – )
    There are 4 other parts to this aside from…

  • ?The Price of Gaming

    I have spent $2400 on steam and probably the same again on League.. a total of around $5000 on gaming in the past 5 years. I think it’s worth!

  • ?What rank were you in Season 7

    Please leave a comment with your Season 7 finishing rank, Season 8 placement rank and what role you play! As a thank you for helping me gather this I have 2 x $10 RP cards to give away, just have to comment to enter. :)

  • ?Gaming Today

    I think there is a lot of innovation within games, especially on PC at least. Games have to adapt to keep up more now. Assassin’s Creed took a year off and was much better than the other ones, League just had a major revamp and feels really fun to play again. Pay to win is something that is really bad, especially in a multiplayer game I think. I…

  • ?What do you think of Season 8

    Hey guys! We want to gather as much information as possible about the new season and Qutee have offered some RP as well!
    There are 6 main things we want to know-
    -What do you think of the massive new rune changes?
    -Which champs will be too strong/too weak after them?
    -What rank are you going to aim for in season 8?
    -Will you try to climb in the…

  • ?Week 1 Megathread – Introducing Coaching Corner!

    So quick intro if you aren’t too sure about the video-
    -There isn’t really a place for people to help each other, answer questions properly and talk about the game so this is what I want to fix.
    -Each week we will have a new thread, new questions and a new topic which you can suggest (focus on laning, teamfighting etc?)
    -Each week I’ll pick 1 or 2…

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