• ?FIFA 20

    i dont find fifa 20 as thrilling as fifa 18 or 19. the goalkeepers are stupidly bad. heading is not as prominent as it used to be. some skillmoves are too overpowerd and i think there has been a lack of challenging sbc’s. the leagues sbc’s are still nowere to be found. i love the new friendlies gamemodes to be honest

  • ?Gaming and You

    People see Gaming as A harmfull, addictive and agressive pest for youngsters. I disagree with this opinion Because Gaming is for me a way of relieving my stress instead of building it up. I cant go outside and go play soccer with My friends often Because I dont live close to any of them and I have to do alot of chores Because My parents work alot.…[Read more]

  • ?Your Premier League Predictions

    1 man City
    3 man u
    4 huddersfield
    5 Arsenal
    6 Tottenham
    18 brighton
    19 swansea
    20 crystal palace

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