• TigerG61 posted a comment on ?Season9RankedGoals 8 months ago


    My main goal for season 9 is to enjoy it. Last season was a mix for me and really pushed me away from the game. The level of toxicity seems to only be growing and it’s getting out of hand. It really ruined season 8 for me so bad that I went from Silver 3 allll the way to Bronze 5 where I remained for the majority of the year. I wasn’t enjoying playing anymore so I stopped caring and trying. Eventually I reset my mentality, due largely to watching you and following your advice, and climbed all the way to Gold 3 which is the highest rank I’ve ever been. After that roller coaster last year I want to just enjoy thi game. Sometimes you have to dedicate so much of yourself to this game that it stops feeling like a game and that’s not healthy. I know if I start having fun again the climbing will come eventually.