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    Having reworks be as close as possible to in feel and vision of their original design is probably the best choice since most champions are unique. But I don’t think having reworks that effectively replace an old champion with a new one are bad either. I think as long as it captures the spirit of what the old champion was trying to be (and also making the new kit both balanced and robust enough for modern Legue) then any rework will be a success.

    I don’t think Riot should try to cater to mains too much because I think it will be inevitable that some mains of pre-reworked champions will still stop playing the champion post-rework, regardless if the champion is just “modernized” or “replaced”. From personal experience, I loved pre-rework Warwick. I also think the Warwick rework looks spot on and mirrors pre-rework very well. But at the same time, I just don’t feel the same fun I use to have with old Warwick. Maybe it’s just how jungle is now a days, but I don’t think new Warwick will ever feel like or be as enjoyable to play as old Warwick was for me.


    I think most people will main a champ for one of three reasons
    1. The champion is OP
    2. They like the playstyle of the Champion
    3. They like the fantasy of the Champion

    I think a rework of a champion is going to upset people in the first two groups, regardless of what they do. But a truely good rework will always make the third group happy