• TinyMomo posted a comment on ?Questions for Riot Developers 10 months ago

    ?Questions for Riot Developers

    On Role Ranked; a bit of the opposite on stealing roles.

    From what I gather:
    1. Each role has a different mmr and rewards to a seperate rank.
    2. The system can detect trading.
    3. Trade-Abuse (potentially) will be stopped by severely lowering LP-gains/highten LP-losses after a win/loss in the traded role

    What about people (like me) that can play any role well enough and have the habit of trading roles with people that got their secondary or got filled (if they ask normally)?
    Is their any incentive for me to trade or do I only get “punished” by lower gains and/or higher losses for that role… as getting all roles up there is gonna be a grind; trading in that case would never be worth it?