DINOSAUR Media is dead. The paper I work for is on its knees. Other competitors like the guardian are perpetually begging like a man with a dog on string for cash donations. Until they report on facts and balanced news instead of dutifully reporting the liberal globalist agenda they will continue to be insignificant.

  • ?Trump Sacks Comey

    Totally agree, Comey has been covering for the Clintons for too long. But when the director of the FIB has been compromised he’s gotta go.

  • ?Trump Sacks Comey

    Trump did say on January 22nd he would fire Comey. Isn’t that exactly what the democrats like Chukie Schumer and senile Maxine Waters were screaming for days after Hillderbeasts “Downfall” this is hardly a surprise for those with a memory fed on a healthy media diet.

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