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    ?Gaming and You

    Gaming brings people together in a way that very few other online mediums are able to. A child in Morocco can play alongside an elderly woman in Australia on the same gaming server. A Chinese student can interact with a seven-year-old in the United States.
    There is a kind of community that builds within a game: a community that encourages people to be bold, to be themselves, and to shed their cultural insecurities.
    In an online game, there are no “races,” or “genders.” You have no idea if your teammates are Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, or Jewish. And the best part about it is: it really doesn’t matter.

    In the games where you play alone, gaming offers an escape from the mundane. Here in the game, an introvert can save a galaxy. In the game, a minimum-wage worker can become a king.

    While many disparage this land of “make-believe,” for many people, this is a much-needed oasis in the deserts of their “everyday” lives.

    For people who say that gamers need to “Get A Life,” I simply respond, “I have Thousands.”