I’m gonna be honest I love this game… I love how attainable coins are this year, and how effective trading and sniping is. I think that 99% of the things outside of actual game play are fine, the most recent I think has been the worst for me, my players lose stamina in like the 30th minute and they would have around 85-90 stamina and it…[Read more]

  • ?Best Snipe / Trade on FIFA 19?!

    I just got Fifa 19 a few weeks ago and I don’t have a lot of coins yet but a few days ago I was trying to buy Keylor Navas (87) for around 1-2k cheaper than what he was going for at the time and I ended up sniping him for 7.5k which was over 10k cheaper than what he was going for at the time. other than that snipe I haven’t had anything that has…[Read more]

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