• ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    I feel for them too they can’t win, they either get attacked for money grabbing or attacked for not creating new content. Personally I love the new promos and it keeps the hype about the game and from EA’s business point of view they are doing well as they are trying to make money so by creating new promos and content they are making money and…[Read more]

  • ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    I know it can be seen as ‘money grabbing’ but at the same time I really enjoy the hype around the new promos every time and love the new sbc, cards and packs. Personally I think EA are doing well by keeping new promos coming otherwise the game would be boring and repetitive

  • TylerKelly4 posted an update 7 months ago

    Omg homelesspenguin (Rob) just starred my comment😱🤪🤩🥳

  • ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    I can see where you are coming from in the money grabbing perspective and totally agree that EA should have given players a chance to decide in advance if they want to waste their coins on the original SBC instead of really leaving them with little other option to spend even MORE coins to upgrade their current cards. However, people like myself,…[Read more]

  • ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    I think it is brilliant that EA are trying to keep the promos going and i think this is a great way to bring back great memories of legends of the beautiful game. I think personally as the sad news of Gordon Banks passing yesterday, they should release a special card for his save vs pele, the save of the century😍!!
    I love the idea of moment icons,…[Read more]


    I think they have done well by taking the long range timed finesse shots away as it was too easy to score from ridiculous angles and ranges with players who don’t have great long shots or shooting in general.
    However I do think they have overdone it now as regular finesse shots from inside or outside the box are 9 times out of 10 into row Z.
    What…[Read more]

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