• ?Should I replace my 2016 Defender with the new one?

    Tbh I think you should buy the new one, only if you are really going to drive it. It is a brilliant car to go around London and just have fun with, and at the same don’t care about potholes and etc, something that your i3s I believe struggles with. I would not sell the old one just because of the iconic status of the car. It won’t lose any value,…

  • ?Future of McLaren

    To be honest, when they got out cars like the 675LT and P1, they were on top of their game, and managed to shake the market that for many years was reigned by Ferrari and their stupid strategy about what you should buy, in order to get the actual car you are interested in. However, these cars – the 720S, the 600LT, Senna, even the Speedtail,…

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