• VSG posted a comment on ?Should I replace my 2016 Defender with the new one? 2 years, 2 months ago

    ?Should I replace my 2016 Defender with the new one?

    Tbh I think you should buy the new one, only if you are really going to drive it. It is a brilliant car to go around London and just have fun with, and at the same don’t care about potholes and etc, something that your i3s I believe struggles with. I would not sell the old one just because of the iconic status of the car. It won’t lose any value, especially with how you take care of it. And honestly I completely agree with your opinion on the new one, JLR had a difficult task and everyone is comparing it to the G-wagon, the simple truth is that while Defenders are still used properly, 90% of the G-wagons are driven only on Sloan street-type of road. However, I do believe that the design could’ve been a touch boxier and therefore more timeless, because I think there is a good chance the new one will start to feel old quite quickly, and not in a funny way as yours does.