• ?Bernie Sanders

    Whelp, Sanders wins NH and is even in national polls. Hillary should win the south but Sanders will probably take the midwest and the west. This will go down to the wire in both primaries.

    Off topic, but somewhat relevant:
    I am exploring economic systems beyond capitalism and socialism within the scope of entrepreneurship, I believe this may be…

  • Not a Christie fan, but some of his more recent policy prescriptions have been reasonable

  • ?Gun Control USA

    I voted this extremely low, against strict gun control. So is positive for or against gun control?

  • ?Gun Control USA

  • Marco is probably going to end up being the Establishment Republican choice since Jeb is rapidly collapsing.

  • ?Jeb Bush

    I predict Rubio will be the final choice of the establishment Republicans. Jeb’s campaign is fucked.

  • Vendrell posted a reply to on ?Fasting 5 years, 7 months ago


    Real fasting i’d say just water. No juicing / fad diet / kale bullshit. Break the fast with a massive feast of fatty meat and veggies (hold the fast carbs/sugars).

  • ?Market Crash in China

    Fed is out of ammo with 0 rates. Unless they go apeshit with negative interest rates. See ?war-on-cash

  • ?Steve Jobs

    Apple’s current success still rides on products envisioned, created and implemented by the company under Jobs. Tim Cook is a good CEO, but Apple’s 200 billion in cash and 700 B market cap are a direct results of Jobs – no steve, no Ipod/iphone/ipad

  • ?Rand Paul

    Best candidate from either party in my opinion. Rand VS Bernie would be an excellent election for America.

  • ?Affordable Care Act

    ACA would work well if they got rid of oligopolistic pricing practices in medicine that would be multiple anti-trust related felonies in any other industry.

  • ?Affordable Care Act

    Access to care =/= affordable care. The entire medical system in the US is a leviathan where NEARLY 1 out of every 5 dollars of GDP is sucked up into. ACA will look worse and worse over the years. That being said, many of the provisions within the act are excellent, but taken as a whole I am very negative on ACA long term.

  • ?Nigel Farage

    One of the best politicians in Europe. Background as a trader, not a lawyer, so he understands actual markets and capital flows.

  • ?Kim Kardashian

    Kim K is super fine, and has done a great job capitalizing on U.S. reality show fervor.

  • ?Artificial Intelligence

    In a similar light, software can also always be hacked. Hackers are always seemingly one or more steps ahead of security. The computer systems on most cars are usually set to defaults that are very weak to intrusion. A robust mix of older technologies will continue to supplant progress in the digital realm for a long time, if for no other reason…

  • Now they ban short selling, which is a terrible idea since when everyone is rushing to panic sell, shorts buying back stocks to take their profits are often the only bid.

  • ?Virtual Reality

    is that taylor swift in the photo? Cuz i came here for taylor swift lolz

  • ?Bernie Sanders

    Doing these country comparions is silly, history and culture are history and culture and some government decrees can’t do shit to change that much as the interventionistas might think otherwise.

  • China stocks are in a bubble anyway…. this happened in 2007 as well except this time it will just be more spectacular with the bankruptcies (especially from borrowing on margin) and bailouts from the state and PBoC. The rising stock market was just a paper
    cover for the real issue – slowing real growth in China which will affect the entire…

  • ?Mad Max Fury Road

    This movie was excellent, not much to complain about. Immortan Joe was a douchbag of the highest order.

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