• Vladimir “Chaos” Latimore posted a comment on ?What video games do you play? 1 year, 8 months ago

    ?What video games do you play?

    Other games I play vary on what kind of mood I am in, and what is readily available to me. My favorite games at the moment are either League of Legends, or World of Warcraft. I first got into WoW because of my dad playing it and letting me make a toon on his account to try it. Been playing it since then, and with league, my stepbrother got me into it, and that was around a couple months before the release of Aatrox I believe. I am a fan of all type of video games, and will play almost any video game someone recommends to me. RPG’s, and Adventure games are by far my favorite genres of games, and Dragon Age is near the top of the list, with Final Fantasy being the absolute top. I enjoy playing strategy games also. The games I have come back to time and time again because I was either too busy to continue, or didn’t have the time to make it worth paying (WoW). I’m also planning on being a game designer and designing some of my own, or joining a big company like Blizzard or Riot Games.