• ?Life on Trappist 1?

    I hope so, There is some video on YT about if NASA had the US military budget. It opens your eyes because space travel and exploration has been dead for the past couple decades apart from the few rovers and satellites that have been sent up. Honestly, what would be better building a bigger better army or space exploration? Let me know what you think.

  • ?Nintendo Switch.

    I think Nintendo are stuck in the past, they need to be a bit more innovative to ensure they get some decent sales.

  • Will125 posted a comment on ?Xbox One 2 years, 1 month ago

    ?Xbox One

    I think the Xbox One is awful really, I started gaming on a Xbox 360 and I think the Xbox One is covered in useless user interface, long loading times and annoying features such as Cortana spying on you. I wish it was just simple like the Xbox 360, (if you own an Xbox One, you’ll know what I mean) But the March GUI update just wasn’t needed, it…[Read more]

  • ?IS G2A GOOD?

    G2A is great for buying cheap games at a fraction of the cost, I have never had any problems. Just make sure to use Paypal and you will be fine.

  • ?iOS vs Android?

    They both have their ups and downs really, IOS is good for people who want something simple and easier to use, personally I use IOS but I have never really tried Android. However Android takes it to the next level in terms of customizability.

  • ?GoPro

    My favourite way of mounting a GoPro is using one of my home-made magnetic mounts (made from a magnetic tray and an old GoPro head strap, I would like the Gopro Hero 5 to stick it to side of tractors to get some amazing shots during harvest time.

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