• ?LetsMakeLoLRankedBetter

    There is a lot of problems with soloQ.

    1 – The promotion series should not exist, they actually means nothing, you already got there in the first place. Maybe keep it for between tier (gold to platinum, for example), but maybe make it a MD3. Actually, for me, promotion series should only exist if you have to play different roles each game to…[Read more]

  • ?What is your Season 10 Ranked Goal

    I have a few actually. The first one is to get Platinum for the first time ever.
    The second one is to do a pentakill, I never have done it and I have played this game for 5-6 years;
    Try to get better at ADC role, it’s the only role where I feel that I can’t do as much as the others;
    Have a decent average of farm, my farm is horrible;
    Try to play…[Read more]

  • ?Season10LoL

    I do want tanks back into the game, not that really annoying tank meta where everyone is imortal, but that they are playable. I believe Riot is getting better every season in make a lot of classes of champions viable at the same time.

    Another thing I am waiting for is really the patch note breakdown (Do a video please Huzzy :p) when the new patch…[Read more]

  • ?LoLChampionReworks

    That is a good topic. Champions reworks are really good for the game, the reason for it is that if a champion is old, or have a broken kit, you can replace it by a more modern or more balance one.

    I remember when I played the old Irelia, there was already some reset mechanics and I always thought: “If someday they rework her, I hope her Q have a…[Read more]

  • ?WhatRankAreYouAndWhy

    Yo Huzzy!
    I’m in Gold 4 100LP with a negative winrate.
    I play mostly mid and top, but I love to play all five roles being ADC the least played.
    I like to play a lot of champions, usually have a reason for it, so it is not that random.
    My farm is 5.5 average kinda.
    My lane against aggressive champions usually is really bad, I have to always ban…[Read more]

  • ?What champion in League can you not beat

    There is a few champions, but mainly Darius, Fiora and Brand.
    My problem with brand his ult always kills everyone and his E is almost impossible to dodge, his passive is annoying and his damage is always high.
    Fiora I just can’t win any trades with her, I already try a lot of champions against her and every single one of them she wins, can be…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    I do see your point, I agree that take a really long time to be good at everything. However, the number of times you are autofilled is really low already and in promotion series you have autofilled protection (Or something like it) that makes you get one of your two roles. Basically this system already works well for who likes to play one…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    I agree with you, a Gold play can be only a true Gold player if he can play every role at that level. Naturally you will have differences of performace playing a role you play less than others but still you should be able of performe nice. I already think the not role system should have some feature that makes people play more stuffs. Like you…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    I really don’t like the idea of role rank as is. I love to play multiple roles and I probably would quit rank games and play only normals if role rank is a thing. I already don’t have a lot of time left to play and the climb is already slow, but it’s ok because I think the current system is kinda good, I would like a few changes but that is not…[Read more]

  • ?CrazyIdeaToImproveLoL

    Hi. I do see your point, my goal is not really punish them, my goal is make ranks means more and REWARD players that play more things. So I think you are seen this wrongly or I just don’t make it very clear, so I will explain a little more why I think that is good.

    This system is based on two other systems, the role rank and the matching making…[Read more]

  • ?CrazyIdeaToImproveLoL

    Yes!!!! hahahaha

  • ?CrazyIdeaToImproveLoL

    I think the way to get LoL is making people play more roles and champions.
    My idea for that is simple, if you play to much of the same champion you win less PDL per win, let’s say you play to much Akali, when you win with her you gain 15 PdL instead of 20 that would be what you would win if you had played with another champion. When I say “play to…[Read more]

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    Goal: Get a pentakill (Play since the end of season 4 and never get one).
    How: Play more aggressive and try do the play happens sometimes.

    Goal:Get Platinum. (Gold IV at the moment).
    How:Make a smaller champion pool and play more of the same champions.

    Goal:Do some game sessions. (Because I usually play 1 game only)
    How:Have some specific hour…[Read more]

  • ?SellMeALeagueChampion

    I have another suggestion for you Huzzy. How about Vladimir? I was thinking and remember that you had play him a time ago. He is manaless so can farm with skills if needed, hard to kill, great sustain, can avoid ganks with W for pool way and E for the slow, has a great team fight ultimate and can burst enemies.

  • ?SellMeALeagueChampion

    For Jungle I suggest Nidalee. In the first time I played her I was 1/9, but after a game or two I understand how she works and for your new aggro style she may fit you. She is a strong early game, she can fight most junglers, but must be cafeful because she dies really quickly. There was a diamond 1 / master player that I saw a time ago, sometimes…[Read more]

  • ?SellMeALeagueChampion

    I also like Orianna. Started play her a few weeks ago. She has, probably, the greatest changing game ultimate in the game. I think Huzzy can make it work most of times. She is a good blind pick, autoattack passive so less lost cannon minions, has carry potential, a lot of damage and can be aggressive or passive. She reminds me of Jayce in top lane…[Read more]

  • ?SellMeALeagueChampion

    I have two champions for sale!
    The first one you already tried, but I already see you say that want to play a lot of things and then dont ever play again. So I starting with my favorite champion: Irelia. She for me is a team fight version of Jax, since you prefer group than split she should fit you really well. By the way, her 1v1 is great and…[Read more]

  • ?HuzzyGamesResearch

    Honestly, I love all types of LoL videos on your channel. Mostly the two main series (unranked to diamond and climb to master). I also love the others series as leveling or offrole tho.

  • ?What should I play while levelling up?

    Since your looking for new aggro champs, how about Nidalee?

  • ?What should I play while levelling up?

    Tryndamere with the challenge of using only the R button and no other spell.

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