• William Caetano posted a comment on ?Season10LoL 3 weeks, 2 days ago


    I do want tanks back into the game, not that really annoying tank meta where everyone is imortal, but that they are playable. I believe Riot is getting better every season in make a lot of classes of champions viable at the same time.

    Another thing I am waiting for is really the patch note breakdown (Do a video please Huzzy :p) when the new patch gets release, this for me is the one of the graatest moments in a season, is the first patch notes.

    The dragon changes are amazing, I can’t wait to be in live server. The change of Mountain Dragon is the best, since its release I wonder why it didn’t give resistences, was just logical for me. I believe the cloud drake could be work on and I believe Riot should give the list of the dragons in champion select or at least say which dragon is really the one of the map, because then you can pick champions based on that.

    I hope that Baron gets buffed, I believe he should be really hard to kill when it spawns and even later you should need at least 3 to 4 champions to do it (based on team comps), because I dont like when one team can solo dragon with 3 people 23 minutes into the game.

    I also want to see, of course, the new champions and reworks that will happen in this season, specially the reworks, because I believe that bring back old champions it’s really cool. Can’t way to they announce Tryndamere and Garen rework hahahaha.

    I want to see also more late game games, probably because I love to play late game champions, but speaking again about dragons, I dont like the elder one, in fact, I never really like it a lot. With the dragon soul, I believe that Baron should be the end game mechanic not the elder with its execution, my opnion is: Make elder dragon be the one you have to kill to get do dragon soul and then there is no more dragons to spawn in the game.

    I wanna see how supports will perform with those new starter items, I didn’t here nothing about that but I assume that support still will be support, at least I hope so.

    Although I love late game, my favorite junglers are early game, so with this new meta shift I hope Nidalee, Lee Sin, Kha’Zix and other early game junglers become stronger.

    Spear of Shoujin is be deleted (Yay, even as a Top Laner that play Renekton and Jax, I never liked that item, I like the idea, but in real life that thing was really busted).