• ?Virtual Reality

    That is why we build smart things. Not nonfunctional things.

  • Corey posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    So happy I was finally able to jump onto Qutee.

    Though, It’s 5:33am and I desperately need sleep!

    See you all tomorrow ;)

    – Corey Out!

  • Corey posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    Though I am pretty busy,

    Qutee is now going to be used a fair bit ;)

    Thanks Alex!

  • ?Virtual Reality

    Dude. You are the voice of the future.

    You should possibly try looking into that,
    maybe contact a company that might be able to assist you with that?

    I’m sure people will want such a device.

    Great Idea!

  • ?Virtual Reality

    I feel like in time, the price of VR Headsets will drop,
    Maybe not in 2017, but maybe within the next year or two.

    Virtual Reality is an advanced technological design, and the engineers and designers must know what they’re doing (of course!)

    Technology nowadays is advancing faster than we can sing the Big Bang theory theme song!

    It’s amazing.

  • ?SpaceX

    Ahh Space, the phenomenal thing that I, one day, have my heart set on learning more about.

    Space is such a PHENOMENAL thing in this universe, it’s just a shame we aren’t on Futurama (the TV show) because I would love to fly around in a space ship whenever I feel like it!

  • Corey posted a reply to Yassss on ?Coding 2 years, 7 months ago



    Yes! Coding is amazing and I love every single little bit about it (Exxceeppppttt for when I make mistakes, haha!)

    Java is a great language to learn, and it’s my favourite.
    HTML isn’t exactly my favourite language, but I do want to learn it. (Too much knowledge doesn’t exist!)
    I have NO idea how to do Python, but in time, I will…[Read more]

  • ?The Ultimate Live Streaming Den!

    Hello, Alex!

    Though from time to time I can be a bit of a busy person, every single time I have the opportunity to have some time to sit down and relax, I always, without hesitation, put your vlogs on to watch and catch up on everything I’ve missed.

    You inspire me to firstly, create my own business.
    Though I am only a 16 year old living in a…[Read more]

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