• ?Remain and Leave Campaigns

    How well have pro-Remain and pro-Brexit campaigners been able to present their case since early 2016? Have the arguments been convincing and have they reached the right audiences? How well have the leading campaign organisations been managed? What are the key strengths and weaknesses of Remainers and Brexiteers?

  • ?People’s Vote

    Campaigners are calling for a “people’s vote” on the Brexit deal once it has been agreed between the UK Government and the European Commission. As it stands, Parliament is set to vote on the deal in the autumn, but it’s unclear what happens if Parliament doesn’t accept the deal. Do you think the Brexit deal should be put to the people?

  • ?Reasons for your Brexit Vote

    The debate before the EU referendum of 2016 was underpinned by many themes, from the economy to immigration, sovereignty and Britain’s influence in the world. Whether you voted Leave, Remain or didn’t vote at all, information about what’s important to you will shape policymakers’ views on where they should take Britain. What did you vote for in…

  • ?Brexit and the Irish Border

    The issue of the Irish border has been a prominent theme in the Brexit negotiations between David Davis and Michel Barnier. Twenty years into the Good Friday Agreement, do you think Brexit would affect the political situation on the island of Ireland?

  • ?Brexit Second Thoughts

    Polling since the June 2016 referendum has shown that few people have changed their minds on Brexit. Is there something that would change your mind, either from Leave to Remain or from Remain to Leave? Has any event since June 2016, either in your personal life or in the world of politics, made you rethink your opinion?

  • ?What is Wrong with the EU

    Few people are perfectly pleased with the current shape of the European Union. Some people want the EU to integrate further, others want to reduce the degree of integration. Some would simply like the EU’s policies to be different. Whether or not you think Britain should be a member of the European Union, we would like to hear what you think is…

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