• ?Satire and Political Correctness


    It’s a younger generation trying to grab power from the established order, and finding itself in the surprising position of being able to invent the rules by which it can do so.

    Obviously they have enablers among their elders — e.g. professors in Grievance Studies, who in turn are also using the movement to advance their careers within…

  • ?Satire and Political Correctness

    Political Correctness seems very much the same thing as the anti-Blasphemy laws of medieval Europe (or 21st century Iran & Saudi Arabia), none of which are particularly Marxist.

    I see it as just an intolerant, narcissist, petty authoritarianism, which invariably manifests itself (on left or right) whenever an establsihed elite is trying to…

  • ?Satire and Political Correctness

    Since no one has responded, I’ll have a go, as I too consider myself centrist.

    For me the term has the following meaning:

    1) Political decisions/policies should be compromises between viewpoints, not winner-takes all imposistions of the majority view.

    2) Aside from their political acceptability, extreme solutions (neo-liberalism, communism) are…

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