• ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    Money grab 100%, people who have done a prime icon stating it is its highest rated card turns out to be its 2nd highest card, like c’mon ea, false advertisement, money grab, and the best part of it is, they aren’t even on the market if you had the coins to buy these cards. Let’s hope they don’t ruin fut birthday at least

  • ?The Player Pick TOTY

    Would like salah to get it but the community will vote for neymar due to the * combo :(

  • ?FIFA 19 – TEAM OF THE YEAR!!!

    De gea
    Marcelo, VVD, Varane, Ramos
    Modric, Kante, KDB
    Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe

  • ?FIFA 19 – TEAM OF THE YEAR!!!

    Gk: Courtois
    Defenders: Marcelo, Varane, VVD, Walker
    Midfielders: De Bruyne, Kante, Modric
    Attackers: Messi, Salah, Ronaldo.

    Personally don’t think De gea will get it this year he has made a couple of crucial errors that shouldn’t be made so therefore courtois will steal it, and between salah and Mbappe it will be close but I’ve gone with salah :)

  • ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early?

    I completed the torriea card and that was a amazing price for the card, I use him alongside Fabinho and they bounce off each other so well, torriea for the interceptions and Fabinho for hold up and tackles <3

  • ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early?

    Personally i feel that ea have done a alright futmas so far, I completed the firmino sbc not long ago for around 200k and he is pretty much a 2nd inform card which is in my opinion a bargain, however I feel that on the other hand the lower rated cards have a hugely negative rebound on the rating requirements, a sbc futmas card that should be…[Read more]

  • ?The Price of Gaming

    All my student load last year was spent on fifa points and PS4 games lol, isn’t that what student loans are for?👏🏼

  • ?FIFA 19 Ratings (game giveaway)

    I think EA have done a good job with giving Messi and ronaldo the same rating, it should have been like this last year aswell if not Messi higher due to his season. Keep up the good content man.

  • ?FIFA 19 – New rules!

    A couple of suggestions that could benefit your series. 1. With people mentioning they want keeper included you could have a stat that uses HEIGHT which I think would be a fun stat to use. 2. A lifeline called rating which is self explanatory you use the overall rating of the card as you could get for example Messi and the other player picks…[Read more]

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