• Zack coffey posted a comment on ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early? 9 months ago

    ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early?

    Personally i feel that ea have done a alright futmas so far, I completed the firmino sbc not long ago for around 200k and he is pretty much a 2nd inform card which is in my opinion a bargain, however I feel that on the other hand the lower rated cards have a hugely negative rebound on the rating requirements, a sbc futmas card that should be around 20-40k to do I suddenly up to double that if not more due to the fact of needing 84 or 85 rated squad for an 83-86 Rated card for example the rashfard card was not wort around 150k when his normal card is around 7k, the stats on these cards are far worth the price don’t get me wrong but only if required ratings we’re lower, I feel that it is both ea and our own fault that futmas is mediocre this year due to trading and ratings, I’m not here to complain about the people who trade because I have been doing it myself during this promotion, but if ea didn’t make ridiculous requirements then the cards would not become price fixed or overpriced for that you get back, it terms of cards overall I have been happy with what they have offered but this year just seems to be a money grabing promotion before TOTY comes so ea once again profit from our desire for upgraded dynamic cards.