• Zeljkic22 posted a comment on ?Season10LoL 3 weeks, 6 days ago


    Im looking forward to the dragon changes the most but honestly it all looks like a welcome change the Runestone changes look great Conqueror was incredibly strong, Klepto was very powerful when you count get free poke most noticeable in top and Aftershock made picks viable when they were never meant to be played there like Lux supp. While not likely i rly hope they double down on toxicity, leavers and trolls there way too much of it. maybe more VA reworks i personally rly like it when they do it since it add a lot more personality to each champ imo it adds a lot more to champs individually, Morgana is a great example before i always put her on the side i just didn’t like how outdated she looked and her vo was outdated aswell now i rly like, while i always liked her kit her Visuals and VO keept me from rly playing her.