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    ?Why Social Data

    I’ve had relatively good success matching social listening consumer insights to standard marketing consumer research, but that’s only for qualitative findings. Also, occasionally, we have used social listening to verify marketing research data (like market share changes, emergence of new trends, etc).

    Currently, I don’t think quantitative is possible, unless you have several data sources – sales/market shares etc and try to build models around social media conversation. Sales and marketing data is hard to find :D

    With all this said, you need somebody with experience in qualitative analytics.

    Also, social listening is not a one-fits-all tool. Some topics are more susceptible to consumer-insight extraction. As a rule of thumb I usually use the framework Itama Simonson & Emanule Rosen sketch out it their “Absolute value” book.

    And speaking of tools – yes, Twitter dominate and most of the time the “Most Retweeted” widgets are useless. Forums and Instagram remain the most valuable sources for consumer insights.