Barrack Obama stepped into the office of the 44th President of the United States just over 8 years ago. Riding the popular wave of his campaign slogan of hope and change he entered office with solid ambition and good intentions for the America he hoped to build. While often criticized, supporters of Obama cite the majority Republican House as having made it hard for Obama to implement his policies as both he and his supporters hoped he would be able to. Overall, Qutee members seem to have a very high opinion of the former President, with Obama having a Q rating of 66% at the time of this writing compared to newly elected Donald Trump's 15%. It seems our users will miss the former President and we here at Qutee hope he still has a bright future in store.
Let's take a look at a few comments from our users.
"Has to be one of the great US presidents. He has brought America back from the brink to be the most successful economy in the world again." -Isabella
"In retrospect though, with all Obama has been up against, I'm absolutely proud of his presidency. I didn't even vote him in on his second term. I was impatiently thinking change coud actually happen quickly in this country and upset that it didn't go so fast. Hahahahaha." -Stephen Scray
Not everyone had positive words for the former President however. Qutee User Lord Lukan had the following to say about ?Obama's ISIS Strategy
"His attempt to play this as some big game by sitting the battle our has failed. We are looking a new civil war in Iraq between Sunnis and Iranian backed militias kicking off as well as ISIS. He should never have backed Malaki who lost the last election nor should he have pulled out US troops. A disaster to rival Bush." -Lord Lukan
Overall, we have seen a steady stream of support for Obama and his legacy since his departure from the Oval Office.
"The thing about Barack is that he had extremely good ambitions and dreams about his America. The problem was that the Republicans had a majority in the house, making it hard for Obama to implement his policies. Overall great president, with an amazing sense of humor. Everything you’ve tried to build up, only to be replaced by a clown. You will certainly be missed." -Knut Johnson

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