Author: Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Wilson

Co-Inventor of the Octo technology and the driving force and evangelist of Qutee as well as the hybrid NLP & Intent Polling methodology. After graduating Law School Tim launched a successful music career as a blues musician that still influences him as CEO and Co-Founder of

“Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else.”

Mark Twain

If Mr. Twain were still around today I’m sure he would be more than impressed by the billions of comments and tweets posted every day. Whether the value of discussion would be of his liking is more than open to debate.

So why the headline?

Well, as we know web 2.0 has become quantity over quality, with the most insightful content disappearing in the blink of an eye. Valuable posts fade from view in seconds or are lost within the noise as discussions drown in a sea of comments.  Site owners wall away their audience insight, making content creators and publishers pay to listen, monitor, or analyze. We have no chance to discern the profound from the pointless, leaving the insightful to be swamped by the stupid…stranding us in a world in which one can neither listen clearly nor be heard…where fake news spreads like wildfire and the vocal minority drive the agenda…

My frustrations have been played out in multiple ways. As a guitarist, I use the infamous Gearslutz site where a mass of valuable comments on music production are buried in tens of pages per thread making navigation and discovery an arduous process. 


Watching Brexit from afar in NYC, was disheartening as I was forced to witness fantastic analyses by readers on the Times and Guardian be drowned by a sea of pointless commentswatching potential thought leaders vanish. Some of the reader comments made the editorial seem wafer thin at best. What if these commentators were pushed to the front page? 

“Some of the reader comments made the editorial seem wafer thin at best.”

As for Twitter, where is the story? Seeing CNN and the BBC quote random tweets as insight is beyond embarrassing. Posting about Brexit or Trump on Facebook, do I need to hear the same echo chamber arguments from my friends ad infinitum? Death by a thousand posts!

So, what are we left with?

A Dystopia 2.0? Maybe a little over dramatic but trust in the media is falling and the promise of the hive mind and democracy for all is hardly being fulfilled by legacy social media.

If we are to elevate the discussion, promote the erudite, and drive more rational and valuable debate a change surely must come…

…and as the greats Dylan and Hendrix promised “There must be some kind of way outta here!”



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