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The release of the first trailer for the new Star Trek TV series, ?Star Trek Discovery, has whetted Trekkie appetites this week. But what do the fans on Qutee think of the previous series – and the films? We analyse the data to find out…

Hot topic: A brand new series

It looks like Qutee users will be hoping the new series most resembles the original. ?Star Trek: The Original Series has an impressive 94% Q-rating, making it the best-loved Star Trek series to date. The three that followed – ?Star Trek: The Next Generation, ?Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and ?Star Trek: Voyager – are closely packed behind, all with strong Q-ratings of 80 to 82%. ?Star Trek: Enterprise is the only weak-ish link in the chain, well behind the other four on 60%.

Qs compared: Kirk or Picard?

It’s a debate that will rage until the 24th Century, and probably beyond: who’s the best Star Trek captain? Qutee’s users put ?Jean-Luc Picard on top – Patrick Stewart’s legendary captain has a Q-rating of 86%. DS9’s ?Benjamin Sisko is second, with 80%, just ahead of ?Kathryn Janeway and James T Kirk. Where will Discovery captain Lorca fit in?

Qs compared: Star Trek on the big screen

Star Trek’s forays onto the big screen have had mixed success. Qutee’s users give JJ Abrams’ directorial efforts the thumbs up: his 2009 reboot, ?Star Trek and its sequel, ?Star Trek: Into Darkness, have the highest Q-ratings. They’re just ahead of classic favourites ?The Voyage Home and ?The Wrath of Khan. The Enterprise’s latest outing, ?Star Trek Beyond, ranks fifth, with a solid 72% Q-rating.


So, which iteration of Star Trek do you prefer? Are you more Kirk or more Picard? Which is your favourite episode or alien species? Head over to our dedicated Star Trek hub and join the discussion.


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