Qutee Chooses Sides in the Game of Thrones

It’s the TV show of our times. And HBO’s new teaser for Season 7 has us all talking about it again. So what do Qutee’s commentators make of ?Game of Thrones? Whose side are they on? And who do they think will prevail in the end? We analyse the data to find out.

Hot topic: The Battle for Westeros

Overall, our commentators give the series the thumbs up. It has a good Q-rating of 61%, and most of the discussion about it is positive. In fact, there are an impressive nine positive comments for every one negative comment. Nexus declares it ‘one of the best HBO shows going’, while CK Junior can’t wait for more: ‘I gotta know what happens in the battle for King's Landing.’

Poll finding: Who’ll claim the Iron Throne?

The show’s relentless twists and turns make it impossible to know where it will go next. But when all the fighting’s done, who will come out on top and rule the Seven Kingdoms? Most respondents to our poll fall into one of three camps: 42% say it’ll be ?Bran Stark, while ?Daenerys Targaryen and ?Jon Snow get 26% each.

Qs compared: The Protagonists

As for the current occupant of the Iron Throne, ?Cersei Lannister is one of the least popular main characters on Qutee, with a Q-rating of 56%. That puts her down with the treacherous ?Theon Greyjoy and scheming ?Petyr Baelish. At the top of the popularity league are three characters who aren’t (overtly) seeking the throne for themselves, but rather serve others: Daenerys’ advisor ?Lord Varys; ?Davos Seaworth, who served first Stannis Baratheon and then Jon Snow; and ?Bronn, roguish ally of Lannister brothers Tyrion and Jaime.


Who’s your favourite? And what do you think will happen in the upcoming season? Join the discussion on the ?Game of Thrones Qutee, and rate and compare the characters on our dedicated Game of Thrones hub.


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