We're excited to announce that Youtube personality Shmee150 has joined the Qutee Team. Shmee150 has decided to use Qutee to engage his audience in order to choose Tim's next GT car.


Qutee as a platform is a much easier location to respond to the audience, have a wider discussion on what Tim thinks he should get and have people share their ideas via the comment section and polls.


Already, the data we are seeing is really promising and allowing us to touch on the favorites of the fan base, while also discussing with them why a certain vehicle is (or isn't) a good option for Tim.


We here at Qutee are looking forward to seeing what Shmee150 has to offer and helping him to better connect with his fanbase. Check out Shmee150's hub and take a look at his first Qutees below.


Don't forget to subscribe to his Youtube channel if you haven't already.

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