Qutee's Verdict on the Amazon Echo

Released in the UK back in September, the Amazon Echo has generated a huge amount of buzz. The smart speaker, with its intelligent assistant Alexa, has also been one of the most discussed topics here on Qutee in recent months. But what do our commentators make of it?

Hot topic: Thumbs up for the Echo

The ?Amazon Echo has a solid if unspectacular Q-rating of 68%, and our commentators are even more enthusiastic. 2,006 of the 2,808 comments so far are positive, while just 47 are negative. ‘I am loving it... Amazon Echo is simply brilliant,’ says Sumit Yaduwanshi. ‘The fact you can tell a speaker what song you want it to play and ask it a question about anything just blows my mind,’ says Jack Spence. Some did offer suggestions for improvements though, from new colours to parental controls.

Poll finding: Alexa’s for searching and music

So, Qutee’s commentators generally like the Echo, but what do they mostly use it for? 52% of respondents to our poll said search was the most important feature, while 35% prioritised music. Of less importance were being able to have a natural conversation with Alexa (13%) and using it to help with shopping (less than 1%).

Sentiments Analyzed

Not only were the comments on ?Amazon Echo overwhelmingly positive, but the most common sentiments in those comments were universally ones of approval. ‘Good’, ‘great’, ‘love’ and ‘amazing’ all appear more than 100 times. It seems Alexa is already wowing the Qutee crowd.


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