Syria's Civil War

The conflict in Syria has been raging for more than six years now. This month, it entered a new phase, when President Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against civilians in the town of Khan Shaykhun. Donald Trump responded by attacking a government-controlled airbase with 59 Tomahawk missiles.


So what did people think of these latest developments? Let’s analyse the data on Qutee to find out…

Hot topic: US Air Strikes

Trump’s decision to launch a strike against Assad’s government hasn’t been met with universal approval. The Q-rating for ?US Strike on Syria is positive, but only slightly, at 55%.


Proboarder7 is particularly critical, saying: “Trump has lost the plot, he promised to avoid getting drawn into the Syrian conflict and now has been suckered in by all of them.”


“To me this looks like a false flag attack,” says BrucieKibbutz. “Why would Assad make such a dumb strategic error & endanger Russian support when he has the rebels beaten?”

Poll finding: Assad or ISIS?

To some, the debate over intervention in Syria comes down to deciding whether to leave Assad in place or support those fighting against him – including ISIL. Most of the respondents to our poll would apparently choose the former: 70% prefer Assad to ISIL (although the sample size is very small).


However, many experts would reject this simplistic dichotomy. President Obama, for example, argued that ousting Assad was itself crucial to defeating ISIL.

Russia’s Involvement

You can’t talk about Syria without talking about Russia. Vladimir Putin supports Assad, and has repeatedly used his Security Council veto to prevent the UN taking action to oust him.


On the ?Russia in Syria Qutee, bmanbrooklyn gives his theory of why Putin is so keen to support Assad: “Putin will not let Assad fall and lose his only mid-east ally and also wants to stop the Turkey/Iran/Iraq gas pipline to the med.”


Flocka, however, believes that Russia’s focus on Syria is playing into America’s hands: “The US will let Putin bleed his military on this conflict for years and years. It's a trap by the US to dilute Russian capability and to focus it away from Europe and Nato.”


What do you think of it all? Join the conversation now on the ?Syrian Conflict Qutee page.


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