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Over the past ten years, Netflix has revolutionised home entertainment. It now has more than 98 million subscribers all over the world, and has produced some of the best TV and films of recent years. It has Emmys, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and even an Oscar to its name. And, unsurprisingly, it’s got a lot of commentators talking on Qutee…

Hot topic: Hot topic: Stranger Things

One of the most popular shows on Qutee is Netflix Original ?Stranger Things. It is well-received by our users, with a Q-rating of 61%. That’s reflected in the comments on it, too: 63% are positive, while just 13% are negative. ScottUK says ‘Great show, well worth a watch’, while Kennyfq ‘can not wait for the next season.’

Poll finding: Kevin Spacey’s best role

Netflix is giving good roles to some of the greatest actors of our age. In fact, 88% of respondents to the poll on the ?House of Cards page think the role of Frank Underwood is Kevin Spacey’s best. Not bad considering Spacey has received Academy Awards for two other roles.

Qs compared: Netflix Originals

But which is the best of Netflix show of them all? Based on the Q-ratings, it’s the new series ?13 Reasons Why, which has a perfect score of 100%. Next up is Marvel series ?Luke Cage, followed by a tightly-bunched quartet of shows: ?House of Cards, ?Daredevil, ?Orange is the New Black and ?Master of None.


What are you watching? What should you watch next? Head over to our Netflix hub to compare the shows and add your views. Don’t see you favourite one on Qutee yet? Create your own Qutee and get the discussion started.


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