The UK Heads Back to the Polls

It’s on. After months of assuring everyone that she had no intention of calling a snap General Election, Theresa May did just that last week. British voters will now head back to their polling stations on Thursday 8th June to choose their Members of Parliament – and determine the make-up of the next Government.


Only ballots will decide this contest, but we can get a sense of what people are thinking here on Qutee.

Hot topic: Theresa May’s big gamble

One of the main discussion points on the ?UK General Election 2017 page is whether or not the Prime Minister was right to call this election. The consensus, among our commentators at least, is that she was. Qutee Ambassador Taylor Gathercole calls it a ‘very smart move’ that ‘gives her more confidence in continuing with Brexit’. Dylan Williams shares this sentiment: ‘I agree with her because we need to have the strongest government to get the best Brexit.’


However, not everyone is so sure. Owen Norton sums up his thoughts in just one word: ‘crazzzzzyyyyyyyy’.

Poll finding: The best PM

People don’t vote for who should occupy Number 10. But their views on the matter no doubt influence their choice of local MP. In which case, judging by our findings, prospective Conservative MPs have reason to cheer. ?Theresa May is regarded as the best Prime Minister by 50% of respondents to our poll, leaving her closest challengers, ?Jeremy Corbyn (33%) and ?Tim Farron (16%), trailing in her wake.

The policies

Of course, this election isn’t all about personalities. Policies will matter too.


Happily, Qutee has the data on this. Polls on the pages of the four largest parties in Parliament – the ?Conservative Party, the ?Labour Party, the ?Liberal Democrats and the ?SNP – ask users to rate their policies in five categories, on a scale from 1 to 5. The graph above shows the average scores.


Here, the results favour the Lib Dems. Farron’s party leads on three of the five issues: the economy, social issues and Europe. Labour has a slight lead on health, while the Conservatives, Lib Dems and the SNP are tied on immigration, slightly ahead of Labour.


So, who do you want to see prevail on 8th June? Which issues are most important to you? Visit Qutee’s UK Politics hub, join the debate and make your voice heard.

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