Trump's First Fortnight

It might seem hard to believe, given all that’s happened since, but it was just two weeks ago that Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. How has his presidency been received so far? Let’s delve into the evidence on Qutee.

Hot topic: Presidential approval

?Donald Trump’s Q-rating stands at just 15%, and that negativity is matched in the comments, too. Of the 428 comments to date, just 17% are positive, while 54% are negative about the new President. Hassan Mohammed, for example, asks ‘Why did people vote for him?!? He is racist and sexist; not the right man for the job.’ Some commentators took a more wait-and-see attitude, though. ‘Donald Trump needs his chance in office, which so far no one seems to be giving him,’ says Jack D Boddy.

Poll finding: ‘No’ to the Muslim ban

Donald Trump’s fifth Executive Order, titled ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States’, suspended admissions of refugees, as well as holders of passports from seven Muslim-majority countries. It sparked protests around the world, and came in for criticism on Qutee too. ?Trump’s Muslim Ban has a Q-rating of just 18%, and 100% of respondents to the poll say it won’t help fight terrorism. On ?Donald Trump, Andrew Coop calls it an ‘Awful piece of decisive decision making that is against the whole ethos of the US.’

Qs compared: American politicians

Trump’s 15% Q-rating doesn’t quite make him the most unpopular US politician on Qutee. That’s his former rival for the Republican nomination, Senator ?Ted Cruz, on 14%. Still, Trump is well behind his predecessor, ?Barack Obama, who has a Q-rating of 64%. And the most popular of all? The former First Lady, ?Michelle Obama  

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